Why The Ami System Works Best

Why The AMI System Works Best

A woman once asked me, “Why do I need one of your devices when I can purchase frequencies to listen to off of the internet?

The answer to this is very involved and yet simple at the same time. Please allow me to share some very important information that I have gathered during more than two decades of sound research.

Sound is an all-encompassing topic. Highly scientific information about how it can be used therapeutically is being revealed almost daily. The AMI Acoustic Meridian Intelligence devices, and the frequency patterns contained in them, are the result of the work of countless researchers, doctors, sound therapy practitioners and the endeavors of my company over decades.

Sound can be used for everything from simple relaxation and stress relief to pulverizing kidney stones. It is a powerful tool for fighting disease but must be used with skill and highly developed powers of observation, along with diligence in finding the right protocols which truly help the body in its healing process.

Initially, when I studied the first 750 frequencies, I was introduced to by Dr. Peter Guy Manners, I was fascinated by each sound singularly. I spent most of my initial study at that level of discovery. Shortly after, I began to integrate my other studies in Ayurveda and Chinese medicine into the “sound picture” that was forming in my mind.

That was the beginning of drawing my own conclusions about the multiple ways sound could be used in the healing of the human form. After years of study, I have formulated my specific approach, called AMI Frequency Patterning, found in all the AMI devices. It really isn’t about just one single sound. The body is infinitely more dynamic than just one tone.

I have never doubted the body’s intelligence and its ability to heal with the sound messages we administer to it with the AMI devices. What has totally astounded me is that when I began to combine the frequencies in specific patterns and order, the body’s responses were nothing short of astounding.

The human form has the ability to communicate cellularly in networks that we can barely conceive of. When we begin to speak to the body with frequencies that address the physical, mental, emotional etheric and spiritual bodies—then we come to some major understandings—a kind of communion that we can call true healing.

I have spent the last fifteen years observing the impact of combining my healing frequencies into patterns and paying close attention to the order and the way they are administered to the body. This has netted me the tools to bring coherence to the layers of the human form. The results are the amazing healing responses and the optimum health in the users of the AMI devices.

Anyone who tells you that listening to one frequency is addressing a symptom, is not acknowledging the miraculous working of the body, nor the true nature of the healing process. When we are applying sound—highly focused, targeted and measured sound—in a way that can be received by the body, then it is listening. This allows distribution of the healing information in a highly organized fashion.

Listening to a sound or listening to music can be very pleasing—even relaxing, which can help to offset the negative aspects of stress. But what is it doing exactly? Is this sound something your body can receive to use for specific purpose?

When we use therapeutic sound trans-dermally with the Acoustic Meridian Intelligence devices, we are not applying it to the ear, even though we can enjoy listening to the frequencies. The sound combinations have been constructed to gently remove energy disturbances in the body accessible through specific portals in the body, such as the feet or the hands. Hearing the sound emitted by the AMI devices is a positive by-product of receiving the frequency combinations, which will work, even if you turn the volume down completely.

Listening to the frequencies on the phone, or some similar device, do not allow them to be delivered through the pathways of healing known in Chinese medicine as meridians. Nor is the sound contacting all of the specific acupoints that open the gateways for communication with the body. You must ask yourself what your body is being cheated out of by using just one tone. Its multiple levels require healing that is absolutely not available in just one frequency.

The time is here for a new chapter in the ways we can approach the body to heal it. Treating one symptom, listening to one code, is the old, archaic way of addressing the miraculous creation we call our physical form. Combining frequencies into known patterns with measurable responses helps the body remember its original song.  

Here is the simple answer to the woman’s question:  

The body is an amazing instrument whose song is so much more than just one note—it’s a whole symphonic orchestra!

Mandara Cromwell, DCM
October, 2022

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