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Soundflower – The Book

Soundflower is the story of a woman whose divine quest began as a child with a mystical experience in the majestic Gothic architecture of a Catholic church. Signs and symbols experienced in her youth continued to appear throughout her life, but one of the most profound spiritual messages came to her from science—in the form of sound made visible.

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Sound Flower Experience


Join Mandara Cromwell as she welcomes you into the Cymatic universe with her new course,

“The Soundflower Experience With Mandara”

Learn how sound made visible images imprint powerful messages of healing upon our visual cortex. See proof how their beauty guides us into a brainwave state where deep relaxation is quickly achieved. By incorporating the Soundflower Experience into our day, we utilize the power of healing sound made viable to initiate restorative responses from within.

This instructional video will introduce you to the powerful healing of both the visual and auditory aspects of sound, and how it can be accessed with The Soundflower Experience videos.

Includes instructional video, manual and The Soundflower Experience bundle of three videos.

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The Soundflower Experience

One – is a compilation of the stunning cyma glyphs found as illustrations in the Soundflower book. Approximately 5 minutes.

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Two – provides sets of developing sound images that give the viewer a glimpse into how the cyma glyphs form.

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Three – shows how forming frequencies often take the shape of five pointed stars and healing harmonics that create sound flowers.

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Bundle – The three Soundflower Experiences are visual delights and can be purchased as a collection for one low price.

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Free Instuctions available: Download PDF Here
To find out more about how the Soundflower Experience was created click here


Our high-quality scarves are made from 100% silk. The pure sound images which decorate them are representative of the etheric body resonance, which is a frequency pattern generated by the AMI 750™ Acoustic Meridian Intelligence device. Their deeply sensual colors will enfold you whether you are using them as decorative items for your home or as a body adornment. The scarves measure 16 x 72 and are $80 each.

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“Soundflower Sensation” “Etheric Body Dream”

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Illuminate is the first organic rose oil product from Cyma Technologies which has been infused with the AMI Frequency Patterning™ of the essence of love, the resonant structure of gold and spiritual radiance. Those who are preparing for meditation, healing arts sessions or watching the Soundflower Experience™ will enjoy using it to elevate them above worldly experiences. Each 1 oz bottle is $75.

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Cymatics Arts Productions

Star Songs

“Star Songs” is a video made of star shaped cyma glyphs generated from a single tone, and intertwined with an original soundscape of healing frequencies created with resonant harmonics and subharmonics, to reveal their own special kind of music.

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Rapture with Heavenly Stars and Flowers

“Rapture with Heavenly Stars and Flowers” is a short film taking cyma glyphs to a whole new visual and auditory experience. The stars and flowers have been enhanced so the viewer may see the most intricate details of each, while an original soundscape was added to reflect the beauty and majesty of these heavenly creations.

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Cymatics Conference Video

Cymatics: The Art and Science of Making Sound Visible

Includes presentations by Mandara Cromwell, John Stuart Reid, and two short films produced with Cymatic images depicting the art and science of healing:
“dance divine” by choreographer Kate Holland and Digital Producer Darius Brown
“Full of Stars” by composer James Oliverio

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Science – Advanced Sound Technology

AMI Devices

Our most popular product for Health and Wellness.

AMI 850


AMI 500


The Ultimate Sound Package


AMI-850 Device
Hand Holding AMI 500 Device
AMI Devices

AMI 1000

The AMI 1000 is only available to professional, licensed healthcare practitioners. This device requires extensive training and is used in clinical and equine settings.


AMI Accessories

Water-based Gel Pads

*Pads should be replaced every 6-9 months. Directions for replacement can be found in the manual and are also included with the purchase.

One Pair: 


*If powercords are lost or the device has been exposed to power fluctuations, cords may need to be replaced.

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Private Owner Programs

Private Owner Programs provide a more in-depth instruction for the usage of the Cyma Ten Channels found on the AMI 750 device and may be downloaded as PDFs.


Channel One provides stress relief techniques to include acupressure points for use during the AMI 750 session. The manual examines the many causes of stress and the disease patterns that emerge if it remains unchecked.


Focused study on Channels Two and Three can help owners with techniques for alleviating acute and chronic pain. The manual provides a deeper understanding of the many causes of pain and how to implement pain management programs with the use of multiple channels on the AMI 750.


With Channel Four you can learn how to sustain your natural energy. Each of us has a desire to live with an abundance of vitality, which can be generated from this channel—especially when combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle.


Channel Five-Anti Aging offers the best sound protocols in the AMI 750 for keeping the "rivers of life" flowing. The manual examines our beliefs on the topic of aging and helps us identify the aspects of life that can accelerate or slow down the aging process.


Channel Six—Body Balancing A on the AMI 750 holds a powerful protocol for helping to strengthen our natural immunity. The manual makes suggestions for combining channels for various health challenges as they arise and offers sound support for our body’s greatest defense system.


Channel Seven—Body Balancing B provides knowledge on how to support the respiratory system with sound. The manual also offers breathing and other helpful techniques that will increase your “health quotient.” Learn how your lungs are fueled by oxygen, and that with sound, your life-sustaining potential can increase.


Use Channel Eight—Body Balancing C to strengthen your physical and emotional heart with the healing frequencies of the AMI 750. The health of the human heart can be negatively affected by stress and other environmental challenges, which can be reduced with this highly effective sound protocol.


Channel Nine—Body Balancing D helps alleviate the causes of digestive distress and helps to rebuild the system itself. The manual provides instructions/illustrations for the use of acupressure points for digestive health, which can be utilized during your AMI 750 session.


Channel Ten—Body Balancing E includes codes to soothe the nervous system and help it function more effectively. The manual gives insight into the workings of this amazing neural network and provides suggestions for combining channels for the optimum use of the AMI 750.


Additional Educational Tools

dental manual cover

Cymatherapy™ for Exceptional Dental Health

Learn the latest discoveries on sound applications for exceptional dental health with the advanced sound technology of the AMI 750. Known as an effective tool for building the immune system and reducing inflammation, it is an integral part of promoting a healthy oral biome and a healthy body. Find out how to create your own sound dental plan!

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The SupraHuman Handbook

The SupraHuman Handbook is your comprehensive guide to the many applications of therapeutic sound provided by Cyma Technologies. This beautifully illustrated manual offers instruction on how to create your personal plan for optimum sound health and demonstrates multiple uses of the AMI 750 device with the various healing techniques specifically created for each of its programs.

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AMI Certification Trainings

CCP, Certified Cymatherapy Practitioner Level One

To apply and for more information visit:

AMI Facial Rejuvenation Therapist

Contact Us for more information and upcoming training dates

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