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Concept and Devices

The AMI Concept

Dr. Cromwell’s creation of the AMI concept was a ground-breaking event in sound therapy history, taking the work of Dr. Peter Guy Manners to its next level of efficacy and understanding.

Her research continued to build on the concept of the validity of using the meridian pathways to deliver healing messages throughout the body. The Acoustic Meridian Intelligence concept of sound applied to the feet, resting on a vibrating plate, speaks to the body bi-laterally, greatly expanding the healing potential of Cymatherapy.

Mandara Cromwell, DCM

Mandara Cromwell, DCM

Hand Holding AMI 500 Device

The AMI 500

The AMI 500 therapeutic sound instrument is a highly effective, handheld device for use in the super-oxygenation of the cells, improved dental health, clearing of the body’s toxins and generating vital energy for women and men. By applying the device using our new “Three Point System,” an energy grid is created in the body, which continues long after the sound session is complete. The three specific device placements for each channel access the body’s own messaging system for optimum results.

Ami 850

The AMI 850

The AMI 850 is the latest evolution of the AMI 750 with 10 new channels! This device applies sound through the portals of the feet using the meridian pathways and employs fully researched audible frequencies for a focused approach to health. The new delivery system, which utilizes two of Mother Nature’s most precious materials—tourmaline and germanium—optimizes the health-giving benefits of all twenty channels. The device brings forth Cyma Technologies latest sound discoveries combining ancient principles and advanced sound technology.

You can reach and maintain optimum health.
You are not destined to decline.

What is Health?
Health: a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being — not merely the absence of disease.

There is a much greater human healing potential we are just beginning to explore…

What can the AMI devices do?
They support the body during health challenges and in times of creating optimum health, using the most fully researched protocols. European and American scientists, doctors and global researchers have contributed to this knowledge and understanding of therapeutic sound. The AMI—Acoustic Meridian Intelligence devices speak the language of the cells and bring the body back to its natural resonance with sound that it recognizes.

The body can remember its original song.

How do we approach the new definition of what it means to be healthy?
We must first examine the underlying causes of disease. Modern medical journals are replete with research stating that stress is one of the major underlying causes of disease.
The AMI devices are known for bringing clients into states of deep relaxation within 30 minutes.

No prescription is necessary.

The AMI devices are recognized as Class I instruments by the FDA for relieving pain and stress. The at-home user or healthcare practitioner can have access to this effective prevention tool on a daily basis.

What happens with chronic stress?

Undetected and unchecked chronic stress leads to another enemy of optimum health—inflammation. Inflammation is prevalent in degenerative disease. Pain is often a signal of advanced stages of inflammation.

Simply sound.

Success with AMI Devices


The above thermal images of a sports-related injury indicate the dissipation of pain and inflammation after one 30-minute session.


The above thermal images after a six week protocol via feet application.


These thermal images are from a pilot study. Participants engaged in a six-week Cymatherapy protocol using the AMI 750 in one 30-minute session per day. The scans show the results of the participant’s reduction in inflammation in the torso, oral cavity and underarm area.

What health and wellness benefits do the AMI Devices offer?

We can introduce you to a world of sound possibilities found in the AMI devices for comprehensive health. Let’s hear from some of our private owners and health practitioners who are experiencing vibrant health:

What People Are Saying About the AMI 500

“I felt my body responding to the movement of the AMI 500 device from point to point. It was easy to learn to use and has truly revived my energy and my mood. Totally remarkable! I look  forward to every session.” Martha from Newark, NJ

“This is the first time I have ever seen an energy healing tool that has a specific channel to increase male vitality. I have never felt better—with energy to spare. The AMI 500 makes it really easy to take care of myself.” Keith from Denver, CO

“I’m so glad there is a channel to help the lymph system. I know our health depends on helping the body release the toxicity levels we experience on a daily basis. It is amazing what the AMI 500 can do in just thirty-minutes. My brain fog is finally lifting.” Mary from Scottsdale, AZ


What People Are Saying About the AMI 850

“I know a lot of people who are having a hard time sleeping. It seems like all the stress from the last couple of years has taken a toll on everyone. I could not believe the deep sleep I was able to experience after one session on the new Sound Sleep Channel on the AMI 850!” David in NY, NY

“I have been hearing from a lot of my patients that they are experiencing memory loss. I know that this can be caused by long-term stress, which many have experienced the last several years. I was part of an early study on the AMI 850 Keys To Health channels and have been thrilled at the results of the Memory and Focus channel for my patients. It brings both a calming influence and mental clarity.”  Dr. H in Augusta, GA

“For a long time, I had been experiencing low energy. It didn’t seem to matter how much I slept or if I was eating the right food. I decided to try Channel 10 of the new Keys To Health for Metabolism. After one week of using the channel at home, I began to feel like myself again. By week two, I had enough energy for the things I really enjoy doing—even after a full day’s work.” Sarah in Atlanta, GA

ami 750

The AMI 750 was nominated for the Thomas Edison Award for Innovation in the Field of Science and Medicine.

The history of Cyma Technologies has always included manufacturing state-of-the-art sound therapy devices which use the original codes researched by Dr. Manners and other scientists. Our ongoing evolution of sound therapy programs and devices will always include the most fully researched combinations of these original sound healing frequencies.

Pictured below on the left is the Cyma 1000, the first device Mandara Cromwell brought to the United States when she was beginning her own Cymatherapy research. This was similar to a device used by Dr. Manners in the early research of the original cymatic therapy.

On the right, is the AMI 1000 Acoustic Meridian Intelligence device which was Dr. Cromwell’s further evolution of the Cyma 1000. Used extensively for the equine population due to the applicator which makes it easy to apply the frequencies to horses. The device requires extensive training and is available to healthcare professionals.

Cyma 1000


AMI 1000

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