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Mandara is sure to become one of the world’s most important way-showers of sacred sound healing of the 21st century.
– Howard Beckman, author of Mantras, Yantras and Fabulous Gems


Soundflower: The Journey To Marry Science and Spirit
Mandara Cromwell


Soundflower: The Journey to Marry Science and Spirit is the story of a woman whose divine quest began as a child with a mystical experience in the majestic Gothic architecture of a Catholic church. Signs and symbols experience in her youth continued to appear throughout her life, but one of the most profound spiritual messages came to her from science – in the form of sound made visible.

It is oft repeated that some of the greatest scientific discoveries are equal parts hard work and serendipity. Mandara Cromwell takes you on a journey – sometimes intrepid, sometimes serene – that led her to develop what may be the harbinger of ‘frequency medicine’ for the world. You will be delighted as you learn of the mysterious origins and development of the world’s first AMI Acoustic Meridian Intelligence device. Her candor and honest personal assessments are as refreshing as they are moving. Soundflower is an invitation for us all to embark on our own spiritual journeys.

If you are looking for answers in your own spiritual quest and a more natural way of healing the body, this book will benefit you in a multitude of ways. It is an intimate sharing of personal experiences showing the incredible power of sound from the ancient practices of healers in many cultures to the instruments of cutting-edge technology. Mandara relates her own story of being on the forefront of a new science while also on the journey to follow her heart. This book will appeal to physicians, metaphysicians and anyone on a spiritual journey who is in awe of the universe.


Mandara Cromwell, D.C.M. (Doctorate of Cymatic Medicine), is an American woman entrepreneur and inventor, who is the CEO and President of Cyma Technologies, the manufacturing company for her own inventions – the AMI Acoustic Meridian Intelligence devices. The AMI 750, an advanced sound technology device, was nominated for the Thomas Edison Award for Innovation in the Fields of Science and Medicine in 2013. In 2002, she coined the term “Cymatherapy” to refer to wave therapy based on the work of Dr. Peter Guy Manners, with whom she studied extensively. She continues to promote sound as a healing modality throughout the world. As a way of forwarding the field of vibrational medicine (specifically sound therapy), Ms. Cromwell founded (ISTA) the International Sound Therapy Association. Since 2006, the organization has been producing conferences to bring new voices together in the field of “sound science.” Ongoing classes, trainings and programs are offered by ISTA and Cyma Technologies in numerous cities throughout the US.

In 2017, she produced the Atlanta conference “Cymatics: The Art and Science of Making Sound Visible,” which featured never before seen sound-made-visible images of the healing frequencies found in her own sound therapy devices. She acted as co-producer on two short films created at the University of Florida utilizing cymatic images: “dance divine” featuring dance, yoga and the sound images, as well as “Full of Stars” a short film showing three dimensional views of the healing frequencies. In 2019, she released her first book, “Soundflower: The Journey to Marry Science and Spirit,” which includes many stunning cyma glyph illustrations.

Praise for Soundflower

Ms. Cromwell’s ongoing journey of discovery is a fascinating and inspiring reminder of the healing power of acoustic energy. Soundflower is both a poignant portrait of a modern innovator and a call to regain our consciousness of the primordial.” – James Oliverio, Director and Professor Digital Worlds Institute, University of Florida

I have been consistently impressed with Mandara’s creativity and commitment, her passion and perpetual perseverance, so it is with particular delight that I can see this heartfelt blossoming of a Soundflower.” Jeff Volk, poet, producer and publisher

This extraordinary book beautifully chronicles the sacred journey of a modern visionary as she listens to her heart and follows her spiritual guidance to manifest the power of sound as a healing modality in our time. Mandara’s inner light fills the pages of this inspirational introduction to Cymatherapy and its unlimited potential for healing the world.” – J. Rodino, Esq., Certified Cymatherapy Practitioner and author of Fifty-Two Words My Husband Taught Me – Love, Inspiration and the Constitution

Mandara’s new book is a welcome addition to the field of therapeutic sound and should help introduce the concept to a much wider audience. I am delighted that Soundflower will continue to expand the complementary medicine revolution.” Steven Halpern, Grammy-nominated recording artist, sound healer.

Mandara shares a spiritual journey that will have a lasting impact on the science of sound healing. In Soundflower, she informs and inspires. We highly recommend it.” Jonn Serrie & Anne Serrie

The principles of bioenergy, whether light, ultrasound, or magnetic resonance are currently being used by hospitals and doctors. Ms. Cromwell is extending that usage into audible sound frequencies for healing. As an integrative medical doctor who has practiced conventional allopathic medicine alongside homeopathy, I welcome her device, the AMI 750, as an impressive therapeutic modality. I feel confident that the medicine of the future is bioenergy.” Forrest Smith, MD

Mandara has dedicated her life, indefatigably, to creating a system based on audible sound to free people from chronic pain, as well as a myriad of other health challenges. She is a woman of clear vision and deep passion, and after reading her story, I have no doubt that you too will come to believe in the transformative power of sound.” John Stuart Reid, Acoustics Physics Researcher, Inventor of CymaScope

Mandara Cromwell tells her activation story and growing relationship with the science of sound healing with a compassionate voice and indelible commitment to forge the path for the masses.

Being spiritual means channeling the wisdom into your daily life choices. No matter what—you can.” Tracee Dunblazier, spiritual empath, shaman and author of the award – winning book The Demon Slayers Handbook.

Mandara’s is a fascinating story! It is a testament to listening to your instincts and following your heart, while pursuing your dream.” J. Winston, meditation teacher

Mandara’s story is proof that intention, meditation and being open to possibilities leads to amazing things.” K. Watkins, engineer, yoga student

I was thrilled to read about the history of Cymatherapy and how it came to the United States. Mandara’s story is both beautiful and courageous—one that makes me appreciate sound therapy even more.” C. Echelson, marketing executive

Mandara has remained fierce and loyal in her commitment to the higher realms to bring sound therapy to a world in need. To read her story is inspiring and teaches us to listen to and trust in our own holy leadings.” R. Parker, counselor

The flower images throughout the book are rich with resonance. Mandara’s book and her life are full of magical encounters.” Marielle Croft, astrologer

Conversation with Mandara Cromwell

How did your journey into the world of sound begin?

My journey into the mystical study of sound started for me as a child attending Catholic church. I had wonderful “sound experiences” when I heard the Gregorian chants and took part in the Latin masses. The beauty of the church afforded me the opportunity to have many visions of the angels. I was sure they wanted to talk with me. My life’s path as an adult led me to India where I learned Sanskrit and Tibetan chants. Many of the pathways I went down while being a spiritual seeker led me to therapeutic sound. When I met Dr. Manners, it seemed like his usage of therapeutic sound was a culmination of many things I had learned about the healing power of it. He was the first person I saw applying sound trans-dermally. I had only ever experienced hearing sound and was extremely interested in the possibilities he was showing me.

Even though you are not an engineer, how were you able to create a therapeutic sound device?

I am a person who is accustomed to envisioning things. So, I took basic information I had learned from Dr. Manners and coupled it with the esoteric studies I had learned in India and was able to create a whole new concept of administering sound to the body. I have always trusted in the tenets of Chinese medicine and Ayurveda for my own health, so I was able to bring these ancient studies into a new device using advanced sound technology. I named the device the AMI 750. The letters stand for Acoustic Meridian Intelligence and reflect the idea that sound can travel the meridian pathways of the body, as described in the ancient Chinese studies.

How did you come up with the title “Soundflower?”

As I continued my search for other researchers, scientists and healers that knew about sound, I was fortunate to meet British acoustics researcher, John Stuart Reid. He shared in my enthusiasm for the potential of sound as a healing modality and had invented a device called the CymaScope, which made sound visible. When I shared with him about my new device and its healing frequencies, we decided to collaborate to discover what some of these powerful sounds would look like. I will never forget how I felt when I saw the first sound appear. The sacred geometry of it was astounding. When you watch the dynamic footage of how sound appears when it is being played into water, it seems that while there is one image on the top, there are many others “flowering” or developing underneath. I have witnessed many of these kinds of images in controlled laboratory settings. Each time, I am astounded at the beauty sound creates.

Explain what the difference is between the title of your book, “Soundflower” and the Soundflower Experience?

After viewing so many of the healing frequencies, I began to see there was a therapeutic effect created by seeing the image of the sound and hearing it at the same time. I wanted to make this experience available to everyone. I thought it should be possible for everyone to have a sound healing environment in their own home. I chose images created by a certain frequency fed through the Cymascope and combined them into a five – minute experience. The first thing that everyone notices about this is its immediate effect on reducing if not eliminating stress. Doctors everywhere report that stress is one of the major underlying causes of disease. In that respect, the Soundflower Experience will prove to be very valuable to everyone. Some people find it is a doorway to meditation. Others just like to watch it for its immense beauty. I believe science will continue to discover the many benefits of sound and its visual aspect.

Do you think sound is the medicine of the future?

People have used sound for healing since ancient times. Now through the miracles of modern science, we can actually see that the focused use of specific frequencies can have an amazing effect, especially in the areas of releasing stress, pain and increasing vitality. Generally, we tend to look at health as the absence of disease. I think that utilizing sound as a health building tool and by utilizing the frequencies as tools to call the body back into harmony cannot be underestimated. I don’t believe we are destined to decline as we age. There is a much greater healing potential in the body we are just beginning to explore. Sound is a way to speak to the body through both the visual and auditory aspects. The soundflowers have opened a doorway for us to explore the many healing aspects available to us.

Book info
Title: Soundflower: The Journey To Marry Science and Spirit
Author: Mandara Cromwell
Category: Health and Wellness
Publisher: Mandara Cromwell
ISBN: 978-0-9993100-0-7
Format: Trade paperback
Pub date: May 28, 2019
Pages: 157
Price: $19.95

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