What is the
Soundflower Experience?

Sound Flower Experience


Join Mandara Cromwell as she welcomes you into the Cymatic universe with her new course,

“The Soundflower Experience With Mandara”

Learn how sound made visible images imprint powerful messages of healing upon our visual cortex. See proof how their beauty guides us into a brainwave state where deep relaxation is quickly achieved. By incorporating the Soundflower Experience into our day, we utilize the power of healing sound made viable to initiate restorative responses from within.

This instructional video will introduce you to the powerful healing of both the visual and auditory aspects of sound, and how it can be accessed with The Soundflower Experience videos.

Includes instructional video, manual and The Soundflower Experience bundle of three videos.

Be Captivated By Sound-Made-Visible In Your Own Home!

Soundflower Experience 1

The Soundflower Experience™ One is a compilation of the stunning cyma glyph images that are the illustrations for the book, “Soundflower: The Journey To Marry Science and Spirit.” The first experience is approximately 5 minutes in length and is a quick and effective way to release stress or prepare for other visual and contemplative experiences. Viewers will enjoy the intricate details of the images, all from a single “code” of five healing frequencies.

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Soundflower Experience 2

The Soundflower Experience™ Two is a deeper look into the “center” of the sound-made-visible images. The viewer will soon be able to identify “sound forms” that appear within the glyphs as they are developing. This compilation of images is fascinating for both children and adults. Hear the sound of the frequency and see it come to life.

Other special “sound effects” add to the enjoyment of the experience.

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Soundflower Experience 3

The Soundflower Experience™ Three is a magnificent collection of images showing frequencies that are forming to take the shape of five pointed stars and flowers. In this specially chosen sequence, exquisite variations from a single code have created images that “flower” before the eyes of the viewer, all from this specific set of healing harmonics and subharmonics. The viewer is surrounded with the sound that generated these celestial stars and flowers.

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Soundflower Experience Bundle


The three Soundflower Experiences are visual delights and can be purchased as a collection for one low price.

Birth of the
Soundflower Experience

Many people ask how I first became interested in seeing sound. While I have had many “sound experiences,” the most profound one was seeing it through a CymaScope in John Stuart Reid’s laboratory in the UK. After releasing my first Cymatherapy device in 2005, I was searching for other scientists and researchers who could help me continue to explore the use of frequencies and the ways they could be utilized for healing. It was during this time I learned of John, a British acoustics researcher, and his device that could make sound visible, called a CymaScope.

It was thrilling to think that I might actually be able to see the sounds of the healing frequencies generated by my device. So, I traveled to John’s laboratory to generate the patterns I was most interested in, with great anticipation about what I might see. I will never forget the feeling I had when we watched the amazing patterns (glyphs) unfolding. I was mesmerized by the dancing geometries before my eyes and was having a kinesthetic experience while watching it. I was in awe of the visuals created by the sound vibrations and I sensed the healing power within them.

We stood around the Cymascope while witnessing the dynamic visuals emerge. When the first images appeared, they seemed to be “flowering” on the surface while many others were developing underneath –hence the name The Soundflower Experience™.

Benefits of the

  1. The Soundflower Experience uses both the visual and auditory components of resonant frequencies to bring about a new way of relaxing the body.
  2. The audible sound generates multi-dimensional images, each one with the potential to leave a healing sound imprint at the cellular level.
  3. These images have been shown to encourage and even escalate your body’s healing potential.
  4. Focusing on the images can transport you to a higher level of consciousness helping you to experience a place of inner knowing that connects to your outermost physical form.

Praise for the
Soundflower Experience


In order to understand the beauty of sound images, it is important to know about cymatics – the science of making sound visible. The images I present in my book and on the website are real sound images, not digitally created. They are profoundly beautiful and the result of the work of many.

The resonances that created the images you see in my book are actual “biosignatures of the body”, researched by Dr. Peter Guy Manners and many other scientists and researchers over the last 40 years. We can now see them through the work of John Stuart Reid, inventor of the Cymascope.


Watch the dynamic footage produced by the sound being fed into the Cymascope. This amazing sound video is then sorted into beautiful images combined to create what we have named The Soundflower Experience™.

The most powerful cymatic experiences for me consist of viewing glyphs that were produced from codes (like the ones in my devices) with five frequencies for healing and regeneration. I believe that when you see a sound-made-visible image created by a healing frequency, it brings a state of Divine awareness.

With my Acoustic Meridian Intelligence set of devices, I plan to create healing experiences that you can hear, feel, see and be touched by. Modern science has already concluded that engaging all the senses are necessary for complete healing and transformation.

I believe it is time for the opening of a new chapter in the way we heal the body mind and spirit, in a more multi-dimensional and multi-sensory approach. The Soundflower Experience provides an opportunity to gaze into the cymatic images. In this way, each individual will be able to enjoy a sound healing environment wherever they are.

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