Energy Medicine and Sound Therapy

Energy Medicine and Sound Therapy

With Albert Einstein’s famous equation E=mc2 came the understanding that matter (including the human body) is made of energy. This information is the basis for thought generating a new paradigm for healing. What is now being called “energy or vibrational medicine” is guided by the understanding that the human body is made up of interpenetrating energy fields that interact with its physical and cellular systems. In this thought process, disturbances in these energy systems are what cause imbalances and eventually disease.

Conventional medicine, based on the Newtonian viewpoint, views the body largely as a bio-mechanical system. It sees each part of the body controlled by the brain and nervous system, and each part having individual functions. Symptoms or illnesses are approached by treating the body part expressing a malfunction with drugs and/or surgery.

With the new “energy medicine” the conclusion is that by redirecting energy into and within the body, patterns can be changed or corrected, restoring patterns that are associated with optimum health.

One example of an energy medicine modality is Cymatherapy. This approach, using frequencies to match the resonance of the body doesn’t approach it by treating the symptoms, rather looks to make corrections in the subtle energy systems of the whole being and the flow of energy within it.

This opens the door for the body’s own healing powers to work. Unlike other sound therapies, Cymatherapy with the AMI Acoustic Meridian Intelligence devices, administers sound to the body trans-dermally, through the feet. Through studies of some of the ancient medical systems, such as Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, we know there are “rivers of energy” flowing through the body. Cymatherapy works along these pathways, bringing health and vitality through “sound nutrition.”

These new vibrational medicine modalities are becoming more widely recognized as valuable adjuncts to conventional medicine. Many new therapies are now considered “holistic” because they assert that healing the physical body would also need to include a look at other parts of the whole being, the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects as well.

In this respect, health is far more than the absence of disease, but rather a measure of the “ease of flow” between all the systems of the body and the harmony of the many aspects of the human being and experience.

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