Kate Holland
Sound Education Director for Cyma Technologies

Let me congratulate you on choosing to learn more about the expanding field of vibrational medicine and the new study of Cymatherapy.

At Cyma Technologies, we are excited to fully educate individuals on the devices we innovate and  manufacture, along with providing training programs for vibrant health. The studies we provide help therapists to become proficient in the use of the protocols found in the AMI 750 Acoustic Meridian Intelligence device, which is one of the most successful, drug-free, non-invasive sound therapy tools for relieving stress and pain in the market place today.

I encourage you to consider embarking on a Cymatherapy career for the healthcare of the future. Trained practitioners who can provide sound therapy in a clinical setting or the health and wellness field are being sought after by integrative physicians and alternative healthcare providers everywhere. Our programs prepare students for these jobs as well as creating their own sound therapy practices and businesses.

Please join us in creating a healthy world with advanced sound technology!

Cymatherapy is a rewarding career in the field of vibrational medicine, or as a service to add to your existing healthcare and healing arts practice.

Get Started!

Cymatherapy and the Acoustic Meridian Intelligence programs will prepare you to join us in a new world of vibrational healing. These courses will help you to heal yourself, your family and many others. Sound therapists are needed to assist in many areas of healthcare and the wellness arena. We hope you will make the decision to begin your career of the future today.

My training staff and I look forward to helping you decide your most successful course of study and guiding you every step of the way.

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Coming Mid-2023!

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