Kate Holland
Sound Education Director for Cyma Technologies

“Welcome New Owners!

Here you will find the four tutorial recordings that will assist you in getting acquainted with the use of the AMI 850 device and understanding the channels. Along with an overview on the basics, we efficiently answer the questions that have been forwarded to us by the new owners of the AMI 850 and AMI 500 devices. They each contain important information about the tenets of Acoustic Meridian Intelligence and Cymatherapy. We also offer our new owners three free hours of consultation, which are divided into thirty-minute segments. With this approach, we can help you develop your personal protocols and have a deeper understanding of channels, during the initial weeks and months of your ownership. We consider this as “pre-training,” for those who plan to embark on the full AMI 850 Certification program.

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Join Dr. Mandara Cromwell and Sound Education Director Kate Holland in these four recordings which provide important advice for New Owners.

AMI Basics Official Tutorial One
AMI Basics Official Tutorial Three
AMI Basics Official Tutorial Two
AMI Basics Official Tutorial Four

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