Sound: From Ancient Roots to Modern Research

Sound: From Ancient Roots to Modern Research

Since ancient times, sound has been used to stimulate healing in the body, mind and soul. Pythagoras, the sixth century B.C. Greek philosopher, is credited with being the first to use music to heal the body and emotions. The belief that sound can support healing has been an integral part of many cultures, from ancient Hindu mantra practices to the rituals of Chinese healers, South American shamans and Sufi mystics.

The eighteenth-century German scientist and musician, Ernst Chladni, known as the “father of acoustics,” showed that sound does affect matter. When he drew a violin bow around the edge of a plate covered with fine sand, the particles formed intricate geometric patterns.

Photographing Sound Patterns

In the 1960s, more sophisticated experiments conducted by Swiss scientist, Dr. Hans Jenny, produced beautifully intricate patterns by placing sand, fluid and powder on metal plates and vibrating them with a special frequency generator and a sound speaker. The patterns remained intact as long as the sound was pulsating through the substance, showing that sound can indeed alter form and that different frequencies create different patterns.

Dr. Jenny coined the term “cymatics” to describe the study of wave phenomena. This term is derived from the Greek word “kyma” meaning “matters pertaining to waves.” The implications of his cymatic studies are vast, especially as applied to the field of healing and vibrational medicine.

Applying Sound Research To Holistic Healing

Dr. Jenny and Dr. Peter Guy Manners were both pioneers who brought their cymatic research and practice to the field of holistic healing with exceptional results. Building on their work, Mandara Cromwell created Cyma Technologies to develop and manufacture a unique set of instruments—The AMI Acoustic Meridian Intelligence devices, to support the body’s natural self-healing abilities.

The precise combinations of fully researched frequencies are applied trans-dermally through advanced sound technology instruments. Imbalances in the body are corrected, enabling cells to return to their natural state of healthy resonance. The new sound technology promises to be an integral part of the medicine of the future.

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