Cymatherapy: A New Wave in Sound Techniques

Cymatherapy: A New Wave in Sound Techniques

Sound therapies of many varieties are becoming more widely accepted every day. For example, everything from ancient instruments such as singing and Tibetan bowls, to more recent music therapy with modern day instruments, are all becoming tools for practitioners of complementary medicine.

“Cymatherapy™,” a term coined by CEO of Cyma Technologies, Mandara Cromwell, is quickly becoming recognized as the advanced sound technology choice for doctors and healthcare practitioners alike.

“The new discoveries with Cymatherapy have shown us how effective sound is in relieving stress, which is one of the major underlying causes of disease. If we can help our population with stress management, then we have done a lot to stop the onset and progression of many diseases,” said Ms. Cromwell.

Sound therapy has also shown to be effective in pain relief, creating vitality and an overall sense of well-being. Scientists now know that the body is a dynamic energy system that has a natural resonant frequency that can become upset or imbalanced, resulting in illness or disease. Cyma Technologies has developed instruments that deliver precise combinations of frequencies associated with healthy tissues and organs. These sound waves, when applied to the body, can normalize imbalances and bring the systems back into a natural state of vibrational resonance or harmony.

Building on prior research of the last fifty years, Cyma Technologies has developed advanced sound technology products to deliver these highly effective healing frequencies which are powerful, natural restorative agents to enhance and improve health.

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