A new medical textbook includes a chapter on Sound Medicine that references AMI – Acoustic Meridian Intelligence devices and case studies.


Scientific Innovations Harness Noise and Acoustics for Healing

Physicists Observe Rare Resonance in Molecules for the First Time

Join Dr Mandara Cromwell and Sound Education Director Kate Holland as they answer the Most Frequently Asked Questions about the AMI 850 and AMI 500 devices

AMI Basics Official Tutorial One
AMI Basics Official Tutorial Three
AMI Basics Official Tutorial Two
AMI Basics Official Tutorial Four

Special Announcements

Cyma Technologies is excited to share this series of ten short videos celebrating the development of the AMI Acoustic Meridian Intelligence concept and devices!

AMI 750 Anniversary Ten Years Loved October 2021

Hear inventor Mandara Cromwell tell the story of how she brought Cymatherapy to the United States and how her invention, the AMI 750 became the most popular device sold at Cyma Technologies for more than a decade.

This collection of short videos help viewers understand how the profound idea of combining ancient healing systems with advanced sound technology found in the AMI 750 led to the innovative designs of the AMI 850 and AMI 500 devices.

We are delighted to share the highlights of ten years of sound healing experiences with you!


Part One

“The Birth of the AMI 750”

Part Two

“The Thomas Edison Award”

Part Three

“How Do You Know It Works?”

Part Four

“Evolution—The Cyma Ten”

Part Five

“The Journey of a Soundflower”

Part Six

“Viewing The Human Energy Field”

Part Seven

“The Regenerative Power of Sound”

Part Eight

“Sound Dental Health”

Part Nine

“Words We Have Treasured Over The Years”

Part Ten

“Looking Back Brings Clarity”

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