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Scientific Innovations Harness Noise and Acoustics for Healing

Cymatics: Harmonic
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Physicists Observe Rare Resonance in Molecules for the First Time

Accessing Sound
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Neuroimaging Study Finds the Brain Works Like a Resonance Chamber

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Join Inventor and Researcher, Mandara Cromwell, DCM, for her exciting presentation:

"Achieve Optimum Health And longevity"


Acustic Meridian intelligence

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Discover the uses of therapeutic sound
with AMI devices!

Applying Principles of Resonance–Harmonic Codes for
Creating a Healthy World
Wise Traditions Conference

Cyma Technologies is excited to announce the release of our latest series
of videos celebrating our most popular product—the AMI 750!

AMI 750 Anniversary Ten Years Loved October 2021

Join us as we reveal how the AMI 750 was born, along with many other beautiful images of inspiring discoveries in the field of sound and vibration.

Hear inventor of the AMI 750, Mandara Cromwell, tell the stories of bringing Cymatherapy and Cymatics to the United States, and celebrate with us the integral part that sound therapy is playing in the healthcare of the future.

We are delighted to have the opportunity to share the highlights of ten years of sound healing experiences with you!


Part One

“The Birth of the AMI 750”

Part Two

“The Thomas Edison Award”

Part Three

“How Do You Know It Works?”

Part Four

“Evolution—The Cyma Ten”

Part Five

“The Journey of a Soundflower”

Part Six

“Viewing The Human Energy Field”

Part Seven

“The Regenerative Power of Sound”

Part Eight

“Sound Dental Health”

Part Nine

“Words We Have Treasured Over The Years”

Part Ten

“Looking Back Brings Clarity”

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