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The AMI 500

Mandara Cromwell, DCM

Mandara Cromwell, DCM

Hello, I’m Mandara Cromwell, CEO of Cyma Technologies and Innovator of the AMI Devices

“Join me in celebrating the latest in the evolution of

the Acoustic Meridian Intelligence devices.”

Hand Holding AMI 500 Device

The AMI 500—With FIVE NEW CHANNELS to Support Overall Health in Today’s World.

An easy to use, portable, handheld device featuring:

  • Acoustic sound protocols created with well-researched AMI Frequency Patterning
  • Audible soundwaves delivered through a specialized bio-transducer–and
  • Two of Mother Nature’s precious, health-giving materials—tourmaline and germanium,
  • Applied in a “Three Point System,” creating sound geometry—to energize the blue print of vital health

Why Do I Need These Channels?

The goals of Cyma Technologies in the creation of the AMI 500 channels are to provide optimum health through the super-oxygenation of the cells, improved dental health, clearing of the body’s toxins and generating vital energy for women and men.  Each of the five channels on the AMI 500 are beneficial, as both preventive health and health improvement tools.

See Complete Channel Listing Below

Channel Descriptions for the

AMI 500

The AMI 500 is the first ever hand-held device from Cyma Technologies. It has five never-before-released channels—each one beneficial for health building and ongoing maintenance of body systems and functions. Its most unique feature is the revolutionary “Three Point System,” for administering the healing frequencies to specific acupoints. Each channel has its own energetic pathway for inspiring health in the body, achieved by activating the body’s messaging system. The owner’s movement of the device between these points creates a “synergy” which the body continues to resonate with, even after the 30-minute session is complete. In essence, the entire body can be communicated with through the specific portals we have chosen, accessible with every channel.

Channel One—Oxygen Optimization

This channel is highly beneficial for building the immune and respiratory systems through the super-oxygenation of the cells.

Channel Two—Sound Dental Health

Provides all the benefits of our previous dental protocol, but gives direct access to the dental points located on the face for relief of symptoms such as gum inflammation and pain.

Channel Three—Lymph System Support

This channel gently stimulates the lymph system, providing a systematic way to aid in releasing disease causing agents and congestion in the body.

Channel Four—Female Vital Energy

This channel restores energy flow to the vital female organs and supports sustainable energy and emotional harmony. It relieves energetic congestion caused by toxins and stress.

Channel Five—Male Vital Energy

This set of frequencies helps to increase blood flow to male vital organs, while rejuvenating venous tissue and muscle tone. It relieves energetic congestion caused by toxins and stress.

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