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Each presentation can be modified according to schedule 30-90 minutes


Ten Sound Steps to Everyday Health

Life leads us down a merry path until one day—it seems from nowhere, joint pain, back ache, digestive distress, or another similar symptom has hijacked us from our state of health and vitality. At first we ignore the nagging symptoms, thinking things will just take care of themselves. Then, the realization hits—it’s time to take steps to remedy what’s spiraling out of control.

Our medical journals report that stress, pain and inflammation define the underlying cause of all chronic and degenerative conditions.

This presentation covers 10 steps utilizing therapeutic sound frequency patterns to regenerate injured tissues, tonify organs and rejuvenate the body’s systems. Learn how to relieve the “tax” levied on the body’s physical and emotional states and the burden created by environmental stressors through the use of therapeutic sound. See how audible sound can unravel the complex web of the top diseases in our patient population today, and find the answer to what’s keeping you from your best.

Through the science of Cymatics and Cymatherapy, you will learn about ten specialy-designed protocols, consisting of five-frequency patterns. As harmonic quintets gently resolve blocked energies, your physical and emotional stress gives way to a new level of vitality and optimum health.


Doctors of the Future—And the departure from modern medicine

Traditional medical journals are beginning to publish studies proving the efficacy of integrating western medicine and ancient traditions. As science begins to validate the body, mind and spirit connection, we see medical practices incorporating specialties of vibrational medicine into their health services.

A new model of “healing arts practitioner” paves the way through education and application as the vibrational sciences address the current causes of degeneration and premature death. Tapping into a new level of intuition and blended with today’s technology, these new doctors of the healing arts point their patients to an evolved paradigm of wholeness.

In this presentation, see the discoveries and research validating our ancient traditions of Ayurveda and Chinese medicine. Experience through AMI—Acoustic Meridian Intelligence the resonance that calls our cells to their healthy dance. Discover how sound therapy can address 95% of today’s illness through the relief of stress, pain and inflammation.

Are you being called? Doctors, healers, patients and clients will benefit from learning how to harness the healing power of sound as they step into the new paradigm of vibrational medicine with confidence.


The Science Behind Using Sound for Relief of Stress, Pain and Inflammation

Join innovator and Edison Award Nominee, Mandara Cromwell and learn how you can harness sound—one of the most powerful and natural energy sources, to relieve stress, pain and inflammation. Regain and maintain your health, beauty and vitality using advanced sound frequency technology.

Attendees can expect to gain a basic understanding of the principles underlying diverse therapeutic uses of sound and will have an opportunity to experience the AMI750—an innovative application of sound wave frequencies delivered via Acoustic Meridian Intelligence.


The Magic Carpet of Sound

Aladdin whispered, “open sesame,” words that released the locks to concealed treasure. The prince’s carpet became “magic” as his thought vibrations commanded the colorful threads to fly—transporting him to a place of calm and serenity.

Myths, legends and scriptural texts have proclaimed the power of sound throughout millennia. Today, through the science of cymatics we see and hear the songs of our cells, the planets and stars. Honoring the texts of wisdom and utilizing today’s technologies, Mandara Cromwell shares stunning sound-made-visible images—dynamic dancing sacred geometries that we innately recognize as the blueprints of healing sound and vibration. Weaving the resonant threads of ancient mantras, music and today’s technology, your vibrational carpet will emerge—transporting you to your innermost beauty, health and vitality.


The Mystical Side of Cymatics

Join Mandara Cromwell, founder of ISTA. as she shares her personal journey to explore the secrets of the vibrational universe. From the experience of Gregorian music in a Gothic style Cathedral, to Sanskrit chant in the temples of India, she decodes ancient symbols and reveals the sacred geometry that accelerates sound within the body and a glimpse at the vibrational atmosphere around us.

In this presentation, you will be inspired by mesmerizing “sound images”, never before revealed, as they are reflected in both the visual and healing arts. Her journey is full of discoveries in both science and spirit. This presentation will change how the world sees both.

Experience the healing power of sound—from Ancient Healing Temples to today’s advanced sound technology!


CYMATICS—A Portal to the Stars

Special Presentation with ISTA—International Sound Therapy Association Founder, Cyma Technologies CEO, Cymatics Researcher and author, Mandara Cromwell

Take a pause and look upward to the skies—many times we are struck with wonder. We become aware of a “sky symphony,” floating clouds, the setting sun, a rising moon and the first twinkling of stars and glow of planets. what messages do the heavens behold for us?

Through NASA imaging and advanced cymatics technology, we can see and hear the songs of the stars, the elliptical patterns of the planets, and even our own “earth star,” all as part of a universal dance. Is it possible the seers of ancient times observed these patterns in the sky and advised a life of balance and harmony according to the “music of the spheres?”

In this presentation, we will explore how the songs of our solar system has been built into historic temples and churches, a coding that is reflected in our DNA and reveals the balanced patterns within our physical nature. Through our “Cymatic universe” you will see that the macrocosm of our solar system resonates within the microcosm of our biological systems.

We will decode the mathematics and symbols that define a messaging system within our subtle bodies and how they relate to balancing our body and mind with audible sounds. Hear specific sound frequency patterns and see proof that sound can heal our physical and emotional imbalances and transform our spiritual nature. The secret is in the sounds of the universe!



Healing Goddesses are honored in every major culture and religion in the world. Their skills and gifts are varied and significant. Originators of the “Three Faces of the Healing Goddess,” event, Mandara Cromwell and Kate Holland are both recognized for their work in the sound healing arena and have created a concept that showcases these leaders as they join together to share their skills and life experiences. Each unique presentation will show examples of how we represent the Goddess in the new ways we heal ourselves and our planet.

In this presentation you will experience individuals who approach healing with both modern day techniques and ancient traditions.

You will be moved the artistry, captivated by the science and thrilled by the Healing possibilities for the future of the world

Mandara Cromwell will read from her newly released book, “Soundflower: The Journey To Marry Science and Spirit,” which chronicles her journey to find the science to support the spiritual signs and symbols she had received throughout her life. Inspired by Latin, Gregorian and Sanskrit chant, her journey takes us to Gothic cathedrals, the temples of India and finally the clinic of a British osteopath in the Cotswolds of England. If you are looking for a more natural way of healing and inspiration in finding your own path, her presentation is a must-see. She will share rarely seen sound made visible images created by a Cymascope and her own innovation, a sound healing instrument, the AMI 750. As CEO of Cymatics Technologies and inventor of the AMI Acoustic Meridian Intelligence devices, she brings to her presentation wisdom from years of research into using sound as a healing modality. Packed with stunning visuals, the audience will see through the new science of cymatics how sound may very well become the medicine of the future.

Enjoy being one of the first audiences to view a new short film entitled, “dance divine,” created by choreographer/sound healer, Kate Holland, as she shares her spiritual journey through dance, yoga and sacred images called Cyma Glyphs, edited seamlessly into the film footage. The result is a beautiful interplay of movement with sound images and a unique look into the performer’s personal experience. Ms. Holland will speak about the power of these sound images to heal and her own response to being able to see the sound healing frequencies she had used to work on clients with for years. The soundscape for “dance divine” was created with sacred sounds and human voices and mastered at the Digital Worlds Institute, USA by Ms. Holland and engineer Darius Brown.

“Three Faces of the Healing Goddess” is a 90-minute presentation by Mandara Cromwell and Kate Holland showing how visible sound images can bring about healing in the tradition of the ancient goddesses, as reflected in various artistic expressions.

Come and witness the Healing Goddess way in which sound is the medicine of the future!

(90 minutes+)

Join Mandara Cromwell, CEO of Cyma Technologies and inventor of the AMI 750 with Sound Education Director and Cymatherapist, Kate Holland as they present, “Acoustic Meridian Intelligence –Healing With Advanced Sound Technology.” This interactive workshop provides experiences with Ms. Cromwell’s therapeutic sound device and reveals the further evolution of the work of British osteopath, Dr. Peter Guy Manners.

Participants will engage in various techniques based in Ayurveda and Chinese medicine that can be used to bring health and vitality to all systems of the body. Specialized sound programs to increase digestive health and decrease stress will be introduced. The most recent research on the use of both the auditory and visual components of Cymatics and Cymatherapy will be shared and linked with innovative tools for bringing harmony and alleviating stress through the power of sound.


Mandara Cromwell will read from her newly released book, “Soundflower: The Journey To Marry Science and Spirit,” which chronicles her journey to find the science to support the spiritual signs and symbols she had received throughout her life.

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