Harmonic Sound Healing Vibrations

What is a harmonic? This term is employed in various disciplines including music, physics, acoustics and electronic power transmissions. It is typically applied to repeating signals such as a sinusoidal wave.

What’s that?

It’s sometimes called a sine wave and it is important because it has a smooth periodic oscillation. It is the only waveform that retains its shape, even when added to another waveform.

The capability of these wave forms to combine explains why this particular kind of frequency is used in Cymatherapy™, a form of sound healing, and has proven to be very effective. Hopefully this information will help to bring understanding about the way the AMI 750™ Acoustic Meridian Intelligence device works!

Is sound a wave?

One way to observe sound is in two dimensions, as a compression wave. A complex waveform such as this can be split up mathematically into individual waveforms called the “fundamental frequency.”

Sound can also be viewed more holographically as a bubble. (This theory is explained beautifully by British acoustic researcher John Stuart Reid in his presentation during the 2017 Cymatics Conference Video, available in our website store.)

His theory supports our view that when we are experiencing the AMI 750™, we are in a sea of frequencies and can receive great benefits when being surrounded by sound healing techniques.

Another interesting observation of sound waves is that they have a high point that occurs every so often. When two waves overlap at certain intervals, it is called an overtone.

We write about this to point out the incredible amounts of “sound healing potential” provided in each code found in all ten channels of the AMI 750™. The frequencies are five-strand harmonics with the accompanying sub-harmonics.

Every channel is filled with highly focused, specific AMI Frequency Patterning ™, designed to bring the body back into harmony and full resonance.

This particular kind of “sound healing wave therapy” can only be found within our channels using the AMI concept of Acoustic Meridian Intelligence as developed by Mandara Cromwell and utilized in her invention of the device. Given how these harmonics can be combined, it is easy to see how the healing power of sound with the AMI 750™ can become exponentially more powerful with each harmonic code.

To learn more about the AMI 750™ and other forms of sound healing, join us in the discovery of the Cymatic Universe at cymatechnologies.com

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