Exciting News on the latest AMI Research!

Live Blood Analysis

Exciting News on the latest AMI Research!

Cyma Technologies Releases Exciting News on the latest AMI Research!

Cyma Technologies conducts numerous studies each year on the efficacy of therapeutic sound, using the AMI Acoustic Meridian Intelligence devices. The most recent 2023 study, revealed some very exciting findings with the AMI 850 and live blood cell microscopy.

During the month of October, Dr. Mandara Cromwell. inventor of the AMI devices, and live cell microscopy technician, Stephanie Whitley conducted a preliminary study using the AMI 850 Channel Six—Body Balancing A, which is known for its ability to boost the immune system and super oxygenate the blood, and Channel Nine—Body Balancing D, known for its positive healing impact on the digestive system. The study examined the effect of these fully researched frequency combinations on the blood samples of the study participants.

Says Ms. Whitley, “With the live cell technique, we are not diagnosing illness, rather we are identifying the levels of cell health, hydration, and vitamin or mineral deficiencies. We can also see tendencies toward allergic reactions (inflammation) and the body’s ability to digest fats and proteins—as well as if there are parasites, uric acid or overgrowth of candida. All of these are markers which can help to determine the level of health of the individual, and with this awareness can change their predisposition to disease.

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“Today’s researchers estimate 70-80% of our immune defense resides in the intestinal tract. In our modern-day population, many people exhibit digestive system problems, which can actually stem from malabsorption of nutrients, candida overgrowth, uric acid or parasites. Surprisingly, these are all commonly found in the blood samples of these research participants and in other projects I have overseen. If we discover the disturbance and have an opportunity to impact it with therapeutic sound, the possibility of future health problems can be greatly diminished,” reported Dr. Cromwell.

The methods of the study included obtaining an initial blood sample from each participant, which was a few drops taken from the fingertip. This sample was studied by the technician, using a high-powered microscope to identify the health markers found in the blood of each individual.

Every participant received one thirty-minute AMI 850 sound session designed to improve their immune or digestive system health. Following the AMI 850 session, a repeat blood sampling provided a comparison for measuring the effectiveness of the AMI channel on these specific blood markers.

There were sixteen participants in the study, all of which reported that they were generally in good health and had no specific diagnosis. The three most dramatic examples of how one thirty-minute sound session can positively affect health are discussed below. The greatest impact was on the immune and digestive systems due to the specific AMI device channels chosen for the study.

Since such a huge percentage of the immune system is actually found in the digestive tract, it is important to remember that the health of the immune system is paramount and is required for all other body systems to work effectively.

Here are the initial reports on three of the participants:

Participant #1 is a 50-year-old male with life-long digestive system issues. The initial blood sample revealed an abundance of candida, uric acid, and parasites, along with the markers of  undigested fats and low B vitamins.

After the AMI 850 session (Channel Nine to support the Digestive System) the blood sample of Participant #1 revealed an increase in the motility of the red blood cells. Also, the energy surrounding the cells referred to as “halos” was brighter, indicative of increased oxygenation. The uric acid diminished by 25% and there were no parasites or undigested fats visible in the post-session sample

Slides of Parasites, Yeast, Uric Acid, and White Blood Cells.

Participant #2 is a 60-year-old male who takes multiple nutritional supplements and described himself in overall good health.

The initial blood sample of revealed “sticky blood” known as rouleau, and deficiencies in both B vitamins and minerals. Undigested fats and markers of de-hydration were present. The white blood cells were significantly inactive.

After the AMI session, (Channel Six to support the Immune System) the blood sample of Participant #2 showed the rouleau had separated in places which allowed the other aspects of the blood cells to be more visible. The white blood cells had an improvement in their motility by 50%. The red blood cells showed increased oxygenation. Undigested fats decreased by 25%. Fewer cells showed vitamin and mineral deficiencies, which indicates the increased absorption rate of nutrients.

Participant #3 is a 45-year-old female with a history of chronic infections and long-term antibiotic use. The initial blood sample revealed excessive amounts of candida in the blood and also bacteria commonly found with high levels and prolonged use of antibiotics. Poor absorption of iron and other minerals.

After the AMI 850 session (Channel Six to support the Immune System), the blood sample revealed a decrease in candida by 50%. There was an increase in white cell motility which indicates oxygenation of the blood. The increase in oxygen could explain why there were fewer cells displaying poor absorption of iron and minerals in the post AMI session. The number of bacteria was also reduced significantly, by 40%.


The conclusion reached by the live blood cell analysis technician, Ms. Whitley, was that the sessions provided by the AMI device had a significant positive impact on many of the health deficiency indicators in the blood. All of the participants in the study showed symptoms that can be corrected with lifestyle and dietary intervention. The expediency with which the AMI 850 device made changes in the post samples makes it an incredible addition to any lifestyle and dietary plan.

The conclusion reached by Cyma Technologies is that Channel Six on the AMI 850, which is designed to super-oxygenate the cells and boost the immune system, had a dramatic effect on the reduction of parasites and candida in the samples of the study participants. Generally, there was an increase in the movement of the white cells which indicates that the immune system had been stimulated. The increase in movement of the red cells and the “halo effect” indicates that they are more oxygenated.

Channel Nine, which is designed to reduce inflammation and optimize food assimilation in the digestive system, was used with some of the participants and revealed a reduction in uric acid, inflammation and the amount of undigested fats and proteins. It also appeared to have an impact on the amount of candida and parasites found in the participants’ original sample.

The results witnessed in the study were accomplished with only one thirty-minute session. These channels are found in the AMI 750 and AMI 850 devices. All channels are recommended for use in six-week protocols to bring about transformative aspects of the body’s regenerative process

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