Our Emotional Landscape

Image of Cell Receptor

Our Emotional Landscape

Our Emotional Landscape

Our Emotional Landscape

At the start of a new year, it is natural to revisit the past and look to the future with a renewed vision and positive outlook.  Our thoughts and emotions, which are closely linked, will play a part in how we view the unfolding of 2024.

Much research has been done on how our emotions have a great impact on our overall health and the intricate functions of the biochemistry of the body. Most everyone agrees that there is a body-mind connection…but how does this actually happen? Some researchers say that “molecules of emotion” run through every system of our body and this is, in effect, a demonstration of the concept of body-mind intelligence.

As we begin our exploration of this idea, examining the body’s communication system reveals that there are tiny molecules found on the surface of our cells which are called receptors. The more flexible these receptor molecules are, the more they are able to respond to the body’s energy and chemical cues.

Science has discovered that they actually respond by vibrating! Sometimes they wiggle, shimmy and even hum as they bend and change from one shape to another. In our bodies these molecules are always found floating, attached to the cell surface called the membrane. A typical nerve cell may have millions of receptors on it, which appear as a multi-colored mosaic of at least 70 different hues.

Image of Cellular Radiance

This “communication location” is where we begin to remember our original song. When you use sound as a health-giving therapy for your body, the frequencies in our Acoustic Meridian Intelligence channels join in to the hum of the cells and molecules and create the vibration of life. When therapeutic sound is played, the cells and all their thousands of molecules begin to dance.

Knowing this information is what inspired us to name Channel Eleven on the AMI 850 device  Cellular Dance.  Research continues to reveal more and more of the incredible communication network throughout the body, all of which can be inspired by the healing frequencies found in the AMI devices.

Here are some examples of how the AMI devices can be used:

When there are painful impulses, we can intercept them with the highly focused frequency patterns we have come to know through years of research conducted by Cyma Technologies. In the study of cymatics we witness how sound can help to re-structure injured tissue, weaving it back into its original pattern, without the use of drugs.  With chronic pain, the specific sound patterns help to change communication pathways in the brain.

Using the combination of Channel Two and Three can help to regenerate the musculo/skeletal system while reducing, if not eliminating inflammation. The deep relaxation frequencies help the brain to release endorphins.

When the stresses of the day result in out-of-balance emotions, these responses, which are your body’s cry for help, can disrupt your digestion, thought processes and more. This pattern can be changed through the messaging of the sound frequencies in Channel One for Stress Relief and Channel Fifteen to restore your body’s Emotional Harmony.

We salute the scientists who continually look for the answers which lead to a new understanding of the miraculous workings of the body. Those who discovered the receptors, endorphins, peptides, and a body-wide communication system have paved the way for new ways of healing, leading to the medicine of the future.

Hats off to the late Dr. Candace Pert, who was a significant contributor to the emergence of mind-body medicine and neuroscience. Her book, entitled, “Molecules of Emotion,” published in 1997, details the groundbreaking research she was involved in during the late 80’s and 90’s which opened the door for discoveries in our own sound arena in recent years.

From Dr. Candace Pert:

“Every second, a massive information exchange is occurring in your body. Imagine each of these messenger systems possessing a specific tone, humming a signature tune, rising and falling, waxing and waning, binding and unbinding…the neuropeptides and receptors are the messengers carrying information to link the major systems of the body into one unit. We must see them as cellular signals that are involved in translating information into physical reality.”

From Dr. Mandara Cromwell:

“From the wider lens of the Ayurvedic perspective, everything is vibration. The primordial sound of creation continues to manifest in every cell of our body. Our physical form has a miraculous communication network that can be inspired by “frequency patterning,” that calls our beings back into harmony. When our bodies experience stress or dis-ease, these frequencies call our beings back into harmony. This is the real premise of AMI Acoustic Meridian Intelligence sound healing.”

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