Many People Ask

Anatomical drawings of the human body, skeletal, cardiovascular, and lungs

Many People Ask

Many people ask, do you have a frequencies for____(fill in the blank with any cognitive, autoimmune, neurological, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive or nervous system disorder, sports injury or joint and muscle pain; whatever your condition or diagnosis).  The short answer is, yes, there is a frequency formula for everything.  However, it is important to understand that the recovery from dis-ease (or dis-harmony) process involves many frequencies, not just one. 

This may be a little difficult to understand due to the fact when we visit a western medical doctor they prescribe one pill to address the symptom of that ill.   Over the past decades, our society has developed the line of thinking that this prescribed pill will be fast acting and we will then be able to get on with our busy lives.  At Cyma Technologies, we consider what western medicine has diagnosed, but we don’t stop there.  We use the perspective of treating the root cause, as opposed to one or more pills to address one or more symptoms.

I ask that you put on the lenses reflecting our approach at Cyma Technologies and take a look at your discomfort, dis-ease, from this perspective.

I realize your symptoms have become more expressive over time—in some cases, decades. From our lenses, we observe the patterns of energy at play in the biochemical terrain as well as the subtleties of the mental and emotional parts of our being.  

For example, for some time (possibly years), you were operating in a certain pattern, biologically, chemically, emotionally, psychologically and this pattern has eventually expressed in a disease state.  Now, you have become conscious of the pattern and you desire to change it to a healthier quality of life pattern.  This is where we can employ sound and vibration to help us turn the ship around, so to speak.  Sound medicine works on many levels, from the quantum to the physical, rather than the bio-chemical only.

How the sounds of the AMI 850 work for your situation will become evident as you read further. I ask you to follow along with me so you can fully understand the depth and breadth of healing available using AMI sound frequencies. 

As I mentioned, these specific “AMI Frequency Patterning™” formulas work on all levels of the physical and subtle bodies.  With this type of sound, we are able to work from the “top down” and the “bottom up.”  Since your symptoms are expressing in the physical, let’s begin tracking the root cause (bottom up). 

 Briefly, here are the basics of how dis-ease begins and progresses.

  1. Stress—the underlying cause—Our medical journals state that stress, whether it be physical, emotional or psychological) is the underlying cause of disease. When chronic stress is not addressed, inflammation follows. Insomnia, frequent colds and flus, digestive issues and headaches can be some of the symptoms in this initial phase.
  2. Inflammation—the silent assassin, undetected and untreated, chronic inflammation brews silently. This process can go undetected for decades. There are ways we can track chronic inflammation in blood work, (for example CRP—C-Reactive Protein levels) and using thermal imaging.  Skin rashes, heartburn, regular emotional irritabilities and crankiness, anxiety can be some of the symptoms.
  3. Pain—the chronic inflammation cycle is followed by physical and emotional PAIN. At this stage our body has finally gotten our attention. Definitely something is not right and we must begin our search for the lasting remedy.
  4. Incorporating good diet, exercise and lifestyle choices nets us ease on our path to an increased quality of life.
  5. Environmental stressors, such as deleterious emf’s like 5G, pesticides, heavy metals, poor air and water qualities have become a constant burden on our body.

Day after day, week after week, year after year, the body is stressed and taxed to the point that the degenerative conditions we see in our patient population today begin to reveal, such as cardiovascular, autoimmune, cognitive disorders, cancer and more.  By the time the stress and inflammation express as excruciating pain… the disease process is well on its way. 

With the understanding of the overall disease process as explained,

Now I’ll show you how the AMI 850 can help.

The audible sounds are emitted from a plate and travel from the soles of the feet throughout the whole body in a unique messaging system called the meridians.

PAD (Peripheral Artery Disease) thermal image

Above is a slide showing published research on what these sound frequencies can do for PAD—Peripheral Artery Disease.  These are thermal images of the lower extremities. The red you see is the silent inflammatory process.  The sedentary lifestyles of today contribute to the acceleration of this process.  Application of the specific sound frequencies begins to diminish the inflammatory process in just 15 minutes.

Inflammation lymph nodes thermal image

Again, using thermal imaging (above), we see the silent inflammatory process at work in the breast/chest area, (which is connected to the stomach/spleen meridian).  In the underarm area we see the lymph nodes are congested and struggling with the inflammation. Looking to the oral cavity, we see the inflammation in this area as well.

Addressing pain and inflation thermal images

Following a daily protocol of sound frequencies for six weeks, applied via the feet, we observe the diminishing of the inflammatory process in the thermal scan on the (above) right side of the screen.  The inflammatory process is calmed.  This has “freed up” energy and the body can utilize this released energy to address other processes, such as nutrient absorption.

Addressing pain and inflation thermal image

Now that the inflammation has been tamed, we can now Look further for the source of issue.  The inflammation is tracked to the oral cavity where the subject has crowns and root canals. 

Lymph congestion thermal imaging

Weston A Price followers will recognize this pathology and know this area of the mouth now needs to be addressed.  Meanwhile, the AMI 850 can be used to keep the inflammation and infection in check.

Red Blood Cell Viability with sound

To combat infection and inflammation, nutrient-rich, oxygenated blood must flow freely throughout the whole cardiovascular system.

In this published study by John Stuart Reid of the Cymascope laboratory, the sounds of the AMI device increase cell viability by 365% and oxygenation by +15%.

  • This basically means old and tired cells were given new life via the sound frequencies. These cells regained their membrane integrity
  • Having more oxygen availability drives protein repair
  • AND causes the haemoglobin molecules in the red blood cells to absorb more oxygen.

    This is great news for all of us now living in a world of increasing assailants targeted to our immune systems, such as viruses, 5G, environmental toxins in our food, air and water.

White Blood Cell Motility

The research of Dr Beverly Rubik shows just one 30 minute “Stress Relief” session on the AMI 850 stimulated lethargic white blood cells.  These WBC’s regained their energy and began performing their job effectively once again—cleaning up debris and rogue cells.

Hopefully, this information addresses your inquiry of how the AMI 850 can work for you.

Working at the root causes, and not “masking” the symptoms,  we can unravel the chronic stress and inflammation in our system and regain a full quality of life. 

The AMI 850 works at the root of health issues using gentle and noninvasive, multiple audible sound frequencies.   

Cyma Technologies