New Song For The Body

As we are stepping back, pausing to observe our world and hoping for the tools to recreate it, we are all looking for avenues to find that “calm place” inside—a new song for the body. This morning, just before getting up, due to lack of traffic and increased moments of stillness, I was able to listen to the songs of the birds around my home. These songs of nature are a precious gift that sometimes goes unnoticed by us all—in the rush to get somewhere in the traffic, to make progress, to move out into the world and leave our marks. I had a short time to enjoy the “concerto” of the baby birds chirping to their mothers before my family began to awaken. It had been a while since I had taken the time to focus on these kinds of nurturing sounds.

Then, a little later, I heard the precious voice of my granddaughter calling to her mother. The sound of it continued to resonate in my heart for a long time, after hearing her perfect “sound expression”. In between these experiences was the gift of silence. I was also listening to it with my full attention. This created an excitement in me, as I waited intently to find out what the next “gift of sound” from the universe would be for me and what meaning it might hold.

Spiritual adepts have written that if you can truly listen, you will hear the sound of the flowers blooming and trees growing. This is known in sacred forests where temples are built for meditation and nature is held as sacred.

When we think of nature, we often have thoughts of re-birth and renewal. We are all wishing for a way for our world to be healed and the human race to be re-born into a new time.

One of the ways we can experience renewal in our bodies is through yogic breathing. In the study of “pranayama,” you may learn a technique called “brahmari” or the sound of the humming bee. The golden bumble bee has always been one of my favorite harbingers of spring. As we examine techniques for rejuvenation, we can try this form of breathing. Imitate the sound of the bee through humming, focusing the vibratory aspect in your chest. Let it create a warm feeling around your heart. With the focused breathing and the accompanying sound, you can begin to feel a sense of relaxation.

Many spiritual traditions direct us to nature to find our own pathway to healing.

Another similar sound that is practiced widely, is known as the primordial sound of “OM.” When I hear people tone or chant, I enjoy it very much, as it is part of ancient spiritual practices. I also appreciate how much this kind of toning resembles the sounds of the healing frequencies found in the device I invented, the AMI 750™.

The concept of Acoustic Meridian Intelligence™ is a way we can experience ancient sound healing, now encased in advanced sound technology. Sometimes, we need to assist nature with focused healing sounds that answer our collective call for an approach that addresses new levels of disease differently.

The frequencies found in the AMI 750™ are the “new song for the body.”

We are being called upon to establish new vibratory patterns for health and a new resonance we jointly create for the world and the golden age that is to come. I believe strongly in my concept of Acoustic Meridian Intelligence™, knowing that the body will use the healing sound we provide to create a healthier form, down to the cellular level. I hope that I will be able to help many attain new levels of awareness with the healing power of sound.

Join me in the future for more sound insights!

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