Vibrant Body Nutrition—Preliminary Study

Vibrant Body Nutrition—Preliminary Study. Image of water droplet expelled from surface.

Vibrant Body Nutrition—Preliminary Study

Vibrant Body Nutrition—Preliminary Study

Cyma Technologies recently joined hands with one of our many research partners for a preliminary study with the AMI 850 device, utilizing one of the most popular channels in the Keys To Health grouping—Channel Eighteen—Vibrant Body Nutrition.

Many owners have used this channel in a regular AMI 850 session, and also imprinted the frequencies in water with their device. Vibrant Body Nutrition was created by Dr. Mandara Cromwell to provide frequency forms of the nutritional elements, in a way that would be easily assimilated by the body. Most people take supplements that were created in a laboratory. The study explored the use of receiving the frequency imprint of the nutritional
elements, which is actually the essence of the vitamin, imprinted in water.

The technique of applied kinesiology was used to determine if the subjects in the study were deficient in the specific nutrients found in the Vibrant Body Nutrition channel. Those who were chosen to participate were tested first, before each study session, to find out if they were dehydrated, as the vitamin frequencies were to be administered in water.

For those not familiar with “applied kinesiology,” here are some helpful descriptions of the technique:

The form of muscle testing used for the study was a “straight arm” technique. Pressure is applied to the extended arm of the subject, to monitor the muscle’s ability to respond. This provides a window into how the nervous system is operating, as all movement and muscles are governed by it. The muscle being tested is referred to as the “indicator muscle.” If a patient is being tested and the muscle “locks into place”, that is considered a “strong” response. A test where the indicator muscle doesn’t lock is considered “weak,” and that muscle group will appear to lose strength.

For the purposes of the Cyma Technologies study, there were specific reflex points to be tested, before any stimulus, (such as imprinted water), was introduced to the participants. When the subject’s reflex points test strong, this aspect can be referred to as “in the clear.” This was an indicator that the participant could be safely be tested with the elements provided in the study.

In applied kinesiology, there are reflex points that are related to systems or organ functions. The following points were used for the preliminary investigation in the Vibrant Body
Nutrition Study:

Dehydration: This point is located at the lower tip of the right scapula.
Switching (neurological disorganization): These bilateral points are located directly under the clavicle, next to the sternum. These are also known as K27, the last points on the kidney meridian.
Safety: an indicator point used to see if the stimulus is safe. This area is located in the upper-mid sternum.
Beneficial: This point is found under the zygomatic arch on the right side of the face. It is an indicator whether the stimulus could be beneficial or not.

All of the points described above had to be tested as strong and in the clear before subjects could participate in the study. All of the tests were conducted during the weekly visits. The study was conducted for a full six weeks to determine the effects of the channel. Each participant was tested once a week in the researcher’s office to determine the amount of imprinted water they were to drink to keep their nutritional levels within the normal range. They were given specific instructions for drinking the “vitamin imprinted water” throughout the week, which was taken home in a glass container. All water was taken from the same source and imprinted by the same channel and device at the research location.

During the weekly visits to the research facility, all tests were administered to the participants. Initially, the reflex points were tested. Then vials of the nutrients contained in the imprinted water were used for testing. If the nutrient caused a strong response, then it indicated that the subject could potentially benefit from and absorb it. If there was a weak response, it indicated that the body was unable to utilize the nutrient at that time.

Then, depending on their responses, subjects were given a specific number of ounces of the nutritional water. After five minutes, the vials of the actual nutrients were used for retesting to see if the response had changed. The data from each weekly testing was reviewed to determine if the levels of normal nutrition could be maintained by drinking the imprinted water.

The following is a detailed description of one of the most dramatic examples of the Vibrant Body Nutrition study:

Participant #12 was a 72-year-old woman in good health. She was not on any medication, nor was she taking any nutritional supplements at the time of the study. She said taking pills of any kind was something she rarely did, unless she felt like she was “coming down with something.” She also reported that her usual intake of water was approximately 8 ounces per day. The research physician was unaware of the details of her personal history until after the study was completed.

Her initial visit with the physician showed that she was deficient in the nutritional elements which were part of the list chosen for testing. She showed de-hydrated during the initial reflex point tests. She was given a 4 oz cup of “neutral” water to drink before being tested with the water that was imprinted with the nutritional elements. After drinking the four ounces, she tested strong in the clear. The neutral water was needed to negate the de-hydration reflex for the optimum testing parameters.

In each of the six-week study visits to the office, Participant #12 was tested to see which of the nutritional elements were needed. The results of drinking the designated number of ounces of vitamin imprinted water strengthened the weaknesses previously exhibited in her nutritional tests. This was an indication that her body was returning to homeostasis.

At the end of the six-week study, this subject’s body showed “strong” when tested with the specific nutritional elements that had only been given to her in the imprinted water. Hypothetically, the water, even in smaller amounts was allowing her body to assimilate vital nutrients. It appears that only a small amount of water was necessary to activate the motor portion of the nervous system. The patient’s increased ability to assimilate vital nutrients indicates that the imprinted water works on regulating basic bio-chemical processes in the body.

Her subjective responses included the following: “The water gave me a real energy boost. I wanted to drink a lot of it, but was limited to a certain amount due to the study. This was unusual for me, as I wasn’t interested in drinking a lot of water before, even though I knew it was important for my health. This water tasted different and I felt that somehow I was receiving energy from it.”

The physician conducting the testing provided this hypothesis:
“The possibility exists that the Vibrant Body Nutrition channel corrects the bio-chemical pathways, including, but not limited to, energy production and tissue repair. My opinion after testing all the subjects, is that the imprinted water was successful in providing the nutritional elements listed as its components.

This preliminary study suggests that multiple health improvements would be possible, through the use of imprinted water with these frequencies. I would strongly recommend that additional research be done with the Vibrant Body Nutrition channel, as the possibility of increasing the health potential for patients and individuals is very high. I believe nutritional absorption for those taking supplements would improve with the addition of the imprinted water. The correction of patterns of dehydration also resolves a multitude of health problems, which many people are unaware of.

Everyone in the study expressed having an energy shift after drinking the vitamin infused water. The changes included mental clarity, a sense of wellness and increase in energy. While these are subjective responses, they were repeated over and over throughout the study. These kinds of positive experiences make it easy for patients to assume new behaviors resulting in health improvements. It encourages patient compliance when changes are needed to avoid disease.”

Dr. Cromwell, who created the Vibrant Body Nutrition channel had this to say about the results of the preliminary study:
“Our research has shown repeatedly that using the frequency patterns for a six-week period results in measurable health improvements. The fact that the subject’s kinesiology testing showed “strong” after ingesting the nutritional water confirms that the frequencies imprinted in it were beneficial to the patient and that their bodies were learning to entrain to these natural healing patterns.

The overseeing physician comments of ‘increased energy production and tissue repair,’ suggests to me that the mitochondria were stimulated by the nutritional water. The mitochondria power our cells. Without proper nutrition, over time, there is lack of vital energy and physical decline. The results of the Vibrant Body Nutrition study, for me, have proven to be remarkable.

Many people dislike taking supplements. Others are chronically dehydrated. To observe these two problems being addressed and health restored through imprinted water is very inspiring. I believe all the aspects of this preliminary study deserve continued research.”

Special thanks to the research physician and staff for conducting an inspiring, knowledge-filled study, which is an extremely important aspect in the ongoing discoveries of sound as a healing modality.

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