Kate Holland

Choreography with Cymatics

Kate Holland, Sound Education Director for Cyma Technologies, has practiced the science and healing art of Cymatherapy since 2006. She has written manuals and provided training for numerous Cyma practitioners, along with offering guidance to many at-home users in their quest for more vibrant health through the use of the AMI Acoustic Meridian Intelligence devices.

She has more than twenty years of dance experience as teacher, choreographer and performer, and believes that the healing arts create a vibrational medicine that can truly change the world. She maintains a vibrant Cymatherapy healing arts practice, providing the most up-to-date techniques in advanced sound technology coupled with ancient yoga practices and philosophy. In public presentations, she weaves together decades of experience with both mystical and scientific sound healing methods and principles. Through her interactions with the audience, she introduces them to the profound healing aspects and power of sound.

As a presenter, Ms. Holland shares interactive events, engaging the audience in the movement taken from the Cyma Technologies film which she choreographed entitled, “dance divine.” With stunning heart centered imagery, gesture and meditative pauses, the audience becomes a part of what she calls, “the dance we do together.” The beauty of the sound-made-visible images, coupled with the potential of a healing experience, creates an unforgettable time to be shared by everyone.




“dance divine”

Kate Holland on Creating “dance divine.”

Watch the Video

Kate Holland shares how we can create health within using sound healing imprints.

Watch the Video

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See Kate’s highly acclaimed dance performance in Cymatics: The Art and Science of Making Sound Visible video, available in the Cyma Technologies Store.


Cyma Technologies produces multiple therapeutic sound products which use sound-made-visible imagery created from the frequencies emitted by the AMI Acoustic Meridian Intelligence devices.

Our sound images, which are not digitally created, are of the highest quality and created from frequencies known to have a healing impact on the physical and energetic bodies. These cymatic glyphs, (images created by a Cymascope), are utilized in our performing arts productions, visual artworks, short films and our frequency infused essential oil. Each of the items are truly unique and filled with healing potential.

We are excited to share these products with you!

Sound Imprinted Scarves

Our scarves, measuring 16 x 72 are made from high-quality, 100% silk, decorated with pure sound images. Their deeply sensual colors will enfold you, whether you use them as decorative items in your home or body adornments.

“Etheric Body Dream”

Etheric Body Dream Scarf

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Soundflower Sensation

Soundflower Sensation Scarf

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Illuminate is the first organic rose oil product from Cyma Technologies which has been infused with the AMI Frequency Patterning™


Illuminate is the first organic rose oil product from Cyma Technologies which has been infused with the AMI Frequency Patterning™ of the essence of love, the resonant structure of gold and spiritual radiance. Those who are preparing for meditation, healing arts sessions or watching the Soundflower Experience™ will enjoy using it to elevate them above worldly experiences. Each 1 oz bottle is $75.

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Star Songs

“Star Songs” is a video made of star shaped cyma glyphs generated from a single tone, and intertwined with an original soundscape of healing frequencies created with resonant harmonics and subharmonics, to reveal their own special kind of music.

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Rapture with Heavenly Stars and Flowers

“Rapture with Heavenly Stars and Flowers” is a short film taking cyma glyphs to a whole new visual and auditory experience. The stars and flowers have been enhanced so the viewer may see the most intricate details of each, while an original soundscape was added to reflect the beauty and majesty of these heavenly creations.

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Cymatics: The Art and Science of Making Sound Visible

This video is a comprehensive guide to learning about cymatics and the healing arts. Featured speakers are: Mandara Cromwell, John Stuart Reid and James Oliverio. It also includes a performance of “dance divine,” with choreographer, Kate Holland.

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Surround yourself healing sound imprints! These products and more are available in the Cyma Technologies Store.

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