Cymatics and Cymatherapy(SM) Informational videos

Alzheimer’s Research

Cyma Technologies continues research to help Alzheimer’s patients and their families.  Preliminary successes reported at the 2015 Cymatics Conference:

Kelly Stoks

Alzheimers Study Version 2 from CymaQueen on Vimeo.

Delores DeVore

delores from Cathy Page on Vimeo.


This video shares preliminary research using Cymatherapy for the stress of Alzheimer’s on a 75 year old non-cognitive female. The information and observations revealed in this video are not to be mistaken for a medical claim. This preliminary research deserves further investigation.

Cyma Technologies Practitioners of the Year

Watch the 4 minute video – Marie Dahle – Success with Autism

Filmed at Covenant Health Clinic, Roswell, GA

Sound healing seminar videos

Mandara Cromwell, DCBM, “Cymatics: The Science of Sound,” INACS & ION