Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

Certified Cymatherapy Practitioner Online Training

“The online course was especially beneficial to me, as I was able to complete it at my own pace while working and caring for my family. As a certification program, it has definitely prepared me for a second career that fortunately I was able to integrate into my job at a chiropractic office. I started using the AMI 750 device very efficiently and introduced it to our patients right away.”

– Terri, chiropractic assistant in Atlanta

“I had been an owner of the AMI 750 for almost a year, when I decided to embark on further study with it. Through the course, I learned what an incredible instrument for healing it is. After my study of Cymatherapy I have been able to help my family and many others with a full understanding of the channels and potential of energy medicine. Even though it was an online course, I had the support of the training staff the entire time.”

– Margie, Private Owner and new CCP in Atlanta

AMI Facial Rejuvenation Therapist Certification

“As a massage therapist, I am always looking for new techniques to add to my practice. The ones taught in the AMI Facial Rejuvenation course were very respectful of the ancient study of reflexology, but became synergistically different in their combination with the sound technology of the AMI 750 device. This has actually been a great selling point to my clients and allows me to increase their health potential.”

– Brian, Massage Therapist in Denver

“I really enjoyed the onsite instruction provided in the AMI Facial Rejuvenation course. The two-day intensive with small groups is really the way to learn the very specific facial techniques being offered. After the practicum on the second day, I felt confident that I had the correct approach to begin a practice and also the language to speak about sound therapy to prospective clients and others in the wellness industry.”

– Jessi, Make-up Artist in Atlanta
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