Kate Holland
Sound Education Director for Cyma Technologies

Congratulations on choosing to learn more about the expanding field of vibrational medicine!

At Cyma Technologies we are dedicated to educating individuals on the devices we innovate and manufacture, along with providing training programs to achieve and sustain vibrant health.

We are excited to announce our most comprehensive course of study for the AMI 850 device:


The knowledge and techniques we provide help sound therapists become proficient in the use of the twenty channels found in the AMI 850 Acoustic Meridian Intelligence device. This instrument is one of the most successful drug-free, non-invasive sound therapy tools for relieving stress and pain in the market place today. With it, the health potential is limitless!

I encourage you to consider embarking on a career that will help create the groundwork for the healthcare of the future. Embark on this certification course to provide sound therapy with the AMI 850 device to your friends, family and community. Many people are turning to a more natural way of improving their lives and health. With our exclusive Cyma Technologies certification, you can become instrumental in this transformation.

Cymatherapy is a rewarding career in the field of vibrational medicine, or as a service to add to your existing healthcare and healing arts practice.

The AMI 850 Basics Course is the most comprehensive training offered for the AMI 850 device.  Developed by Dr. Mandara Cromwell and Sound Education Director, Kate Holland, the extensive manual provides knowledge and techniques for private owners, Cymatherapists, doctors and other healthcare professionals.  The course is offered twice a year, in January and June.  This self-paced training is a commitment of approximately 135 hours. Students have up to one year to complete the course, which includes a downloadable AMI 850 Basics manual, Resource Guide, videos and mentorship with our advanced therapists. One-to-one guidance and tutorial sessions are scheduled throughout the program, including pre and post exams and evaluations.

The AMI Basics Certification allows graduates to offer Cymatherapy sessions using the 20 channels on the AMI 850 device.

The training was created exclusively for owners of the AMI 850 device or the upgraded AMI 750.  The pre-requisite is ownership of one of these devices.

Discover the powerful method of AMI—Acoustic Meridian Intelligence™!

Participants will master the foundational principles and learn:

  • Essential information about the body’s major systems and how to support them with AMI sound frequencies
  • How to identify signs of the underlying causes of disease and address them utilizing the channels on the AMI therapeutic device
  • A comprehensive study of the AMI 850 Cyma Ten channels and the techniques for combining them into optimum protocols for personal and business usage of the AMI devices
  • An in-depth examination of the Keys To Health channels; the ways they can improve the functions of the body and ways to implement them into an ongoing plan for optimum health
  • The ways AMI is different than other sound therapies and device applications
  • How AMI builds a foundation of sound healing in the body and the natural progression into other levels of health through the use of these highly successful protocols
  • The power of clear personal intentions; developing communication skills to become a professional practitioner

The AMI 850 Basics Course is divided into:

Section One – The Cyma Ten

The first ten channels on the AMI 850 device are named the Cyma Ten. A chapter is dedicated to each of these channels and includes an in-depth discussion on the multiple uses of them. This grouping of channels was created to address the underlying causes of disease and to support the major systems of the body that may have become compromised.

 The first five channels include the following:

Channel One – Stress Relief
Channel Two – Pain/Musculo-Skeletal
Channel Three – Pain/Inflammatory
Channel Four – Vitality
Channel Five – Anti-Aging

The second five are called Body Balancing channels and support the major systems in the body, to include the following:

Channel Six – Body Balancing A for the Immune System
Channel Seven – Body Balancing B for the Respiratory System
Channel Eight – Body Balancing C for the Cardiovascular System
Channel Nine – Body Balancing D for the Digestive System
Channel Ten – Body Balancing E for the Nervous System

Techniques for accessing the healing power of each of these channels and important information about the body’s systems is included in this section. Also available are instructions on how to combine the Cyma Ten channels for the optimum use of the device and essential protocols. The next steps for progressing into the use of the Keys To Health channels are also provided.

Section Two – The Keys To Health

Channels Eleven through Twenty are dedicated to improving the functionality of the body and

helping it to achieve and sustain vibrant health. These channels are highly effective in following the use of the Cyma Ten channels to build a foundation for “sound health.”  Each of the channels has a dedicated chapter to assist in understanding the body systems or techniques involved in using them.

Channel Eleven – Cellular Dance
Channel Twelve – Memory and Focus
Channel Thirteen – Bone Fitness
Channel Fourteen – Energy Body Nutrition
Channel Fifteen – Emotional Harmony
Channel Sixteen – Toxicity Clearing
Channel Seventeen – Sound Sleep
Channel Eighteen – Vibrant Body Nutrition
Channel Nineteen – Immune Shield
Channel Twenty – Healthy Metabolism

The Keys to Health channels are not to be combined. However, a study of the continued use of them (how best they can be used in sequence), is provided.

Basic information is included for owners of the AMI 850 and AMI 500, for an understanding as to how to use both devices and their respective techniques, in a complementary way.

Additional materials are included in the Cyma Technologies Resource Guide, which will be discussed in the course during the mentorship with advanced therapists.

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