Energy Medicine and Sound Therapy

What does cymatechnologies, have to do with “vibrational medicine,” or “energy medicine”?

With Albert Einstein’s famous equation E= mc² came the understanding that matter (including the body) is energy, generating a new paradigm in healing. Conventional medicine, based on a Newtonian viewpoint, approaches the body largely as a biomechanical system. It sees each part of the body, controlled by the brain and nervous system, as having an individual function. This approach addresses symptoms by treating the particular body part expressing the malfunction, often using drugs or surgery.

On the other hand, what is known as “energy or vibrational medicine,” is guided by an understanding that the human body is made up of interpenetrating energy fields that interact with its physical and cellular systems. Disturbances in these energy systems can create imbalance, and eventually disease, in the body.  It is this premise that guides the conclusion that by redirecting energy into and within the body, energetic patterns can be changed, or correctd, thus restoring the patterns associated with optimal health. Energetic modalities, such as sound techniques like cymatechnologies, do not treat symptoms as the cause of the problem. Instead, treatment is directed at the body’s subtle energy systems and the flow of energy within and between these systems.

Vibrational therapies are often called “complementary” because they are considered valuable adjuncts to conventional medical approaches. Many vibrational therapies have also been termed “holistic” because they assert that healing the physical body influences and is influenced by the other parts of the whole—the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our nature.  As such, health is far more than the absence of disease, but rather a measure of the “ease” of flow across all aspects of a being.

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