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Overview of the AMI 750

The design concept of the device is based on the idea that sound can travel the meridian pathways of the body. With the AMI 750 the sound can be applied trans-dermally through the feet or the hands and is ideal for supporting your health at home by keeping the body de-stressed. The resonant frequencies restore balance to the body with a quick and easy-to-use thirty-minute protocol. The effectiveness of the device is proven by the immediate relaxation response of the client.

The AMI 750 is also highly effective for pain relief and increasing vitality. The device is sold to private owners and does not require a prescription. Every person owning the device will have access to the knowledge of an advanced sound therapist who can instruct them about health programs written in addition to the manual, for a more personalized use of the device for health and well-being.

Cymatherapy can be easily implemented into existing professional practices such as chiropractic or massage. Sound therapy can also be used alone to help with stress and pain relief or to support the body in achieving vibrant health.

The device comes to your door pre-programmed with ten protocols that can benefit everyone.

They include:

  1. Stress Relief
  2. Pain Relief Musculo/Skeletal
  3. Pain Relief Inflammatory
  4. Vitality
  5. Anti-Aging Channels
  6. Body Balancing A—Immune system
  7. Body Balancing B—Respiratory system
  8. Body Balancing C—Circulatory system
  9. Body Balancing D—Digestive system
  10. Body Balancing E—Nervous system

Six through Ten were created to support the major systems in the body with resonant frequencies for optimum health.

The AMI 750 comes with a simple instruction manual and a full description of the techniques and benefits available with the device.

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Experience optimum health through the power of sound!

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Please Note: Cyma Technologies does not diagnose, treat nor cure any disease. All Cyma Technologies instruments are recognized by the FDA as Class One devices known as electric, acoustic massagers. These products are known to relieve minor aches and pains.

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