21st World Sound Healing Day

Connect Your Heart to the Heart of the World

21st World Sound Healing Day

Connect Your Heart to the Heart of the World

February 13 through February 15!

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Cyma Technologies invites you to join us as we honor the 21st World Sound Healing Day, Valentine’s Day and connect with heart strings of the cosmos.

From the cosmos:

On February 13, the moon moves into Sagittarius—illuminating a passion for learning, optimism and the love of freedom.

On February 15, Venus—the planet of Love, conjuncts with Neptune—the planet of intuition and spirituality. This alignment in the heavens brings forth the potential for new relationships or more
compassion and spiritual bonding in existing relationships.

From all of us on the earthly plane:

February 14, St Valentine’s Day, well-known by all ages as the day of love and affection.

February 14, the 21st annual World Sound Healing Day, dedicated to sending sonic love and appreciation to our Earth. As we heal the planet, we heal ourselves.

To celebrate these three days of events, Cyma Technologies offers this visual meditation entitled,

“Connect Your Heart to the Heart of the World,” as a way to connect everyone around the Earth through the sound-made-visible, cymatics image of the human heart, and the healing energy it produces.

Here are some ways to engage with the image below, as often as you like over the three-day celebration:

**As you gaze at the image, envision that it connects you to the Heart of the Earth, which is intimately connected to the Hearts of all people everywhere.

**If you are an AMI device owner, place your feet or hands on the device and choose Channel Eight, which has healing frequencies for your physical, emotional and spiritual heart. As you gaze at the sound image of the heart and hear the healing sounds, envision your own Heart sending out waves of healing to the Earth and all other Beings.

** If you are not using an AMI device, as you gaze at the image, allow yourself to make a vocal tone that arises naturally in your own heart, such as “Ahhhh.”

You can hum with thoughts of Gratitude.

You can chant the sound of OM or any other mantra or prayer that centers you in your heart.

You can do any of these practices as long as you like, for the three days, knowing that you are joining people everywhere in opening their hearts and embracing the world with sound and its visual image.

Here is the cymatic image of the heart resonance produced by AMI:

cymatic image of the heart resonance

Thank You for Helping Us Surround The World With Healing Sound in

Cyma Technologies