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At Cyma Technologies, Stress and Pain melt away through the ART & SCIENCE of therapeutic sound.

We manufacture the highest quality sound therapy instruments and continue to develop numerous applications on the use of non-invasive sound for the benefit of private owners and professional practices.

We are excited to share with you the concept of Acoustic Meridian Intelligence™—using sound to access the innate intelligence of the body by bringing healing energy to a cellular level with the AMI 750 device.

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How is the AMI 750 different than other sound devices on the market?

Our patented device delivers scientifically composed audible sound frequencies that are applied trans-dermally to the body through the portals of the feet or hands. This aspect of Cymatherapy™ (wave therapy) stimulates a circulation of energy along the meridian pathways of the body, as described in Chinese medicine. This technique blends the ancient concepts with advanced sound technology.

How does the AMI 750 work?

Through a special transducer, the AMI 750 transmits messages to the body in the form of sound waves. This is perceived as a matching vibration by the cells, tissues, organs and bones—each of which have their own resonant frequency. The tones emitted by the device are a reminder to the body to resume its highest function, especially if the cells have been compromised due to inflammation, toxicity and other body burdens we face in today’s world. By using this technique, the body can return to its optimum function.

The creation of the AMI 750 was a ground-breaking event in sound therapy history, taking years of cymatic research to its next level of efficacy and understanding. In 2013 the AMI 750 was nominated for the Thomas Edison Award for Innovation in the Fields of Science and Medicine.

Why is it important for me to own an AMI 750?

In modern times, it has been determined that stress is one of the major underlying causes of disease. The AMI 750 can reduce, if not eliminate stress in a 30-minute session. Using a specific six-week Cymatherapy™ protocol can help re-train the body and mind to better handle stress and its impact on total health.

This device also addresses many other health concerns—to include the inflammatory process in the body, another major contributor to illness in our society. The channels all contain elements that will have an impact on the many layers of the human being that must be addressed, if a full healing or transformation of illness is to occur.

Here are the ten options which can be used as singular channels, or in combination as specifically designed protocols:

1. Stress Relief
2. Pain Relief Musculo/Skeletal
3. Pain Relief Inflammatory
4. Vitality
5. Anti-Aging

6. Body Balancing A—Immune system
7. Body Balancing B—Respiratory system
8. Body Balancing C—Circulatory system
9. Body Balancing D—Digestive system
10. Body Balancing E—Nervous system

Channels Six through Ten were created to support the major systems in the body with resonant frequencies for optimum health.

Inflammation in the Oral Cavity

Bacteria builds in the crevices of dental crowns, bridges and implants. Periodontal (gum) disease is the most common infection in the human body and affects more than 90 percent of the population.

The Health Benefits of the AMI 750

The AMI 750 is extremely valuable as a tool for assisting in sustainable health. With channels to support all the major systems in the body, the device becomes a great health builder for private owners who have access to its healing frequencies daily.

Many use it to enhance their physical fitness programs and prepare for periods of great exertion in their workouts. The Vitality Channel is a great addition to any plan to increase energy, strength, and stamina. With consistent use of the Body Balancing Channels, the major systems of the body are in a “Sound Health Maintenance” program, building the structure for sustainable health. The AntiAging Channel is also of lasting benefit in keeping the body’s systems in harmony, while increasing the potential for health and longevity.

No one says it better than our patients, clients and owners!

They report better sleep, reduced stress levels, pain relief, improved digestion and many more benefits. Click on the image below and see real people share their experiences!

What People are Saying About Cymatherapy

What is the price of the AMI 750?

The AMI 750 ™ sells for $4595. You will find that it is worth many times that price in health benefits!

Known as the best sound therapy instrument in the marketplace today, it arrives with the ten pre-programmed channels listed above, which can be used to create a personalized protocol to address your health goals or challenges.

What if I have questions?

In addition to receiving a manual with instructions for the easy-to-use device and the description of each of the channels we offer three free hours of consultation to help develop the personalized protocols for you and your family for at-home use. Available by phone, email, Skype or Zoom for guidance on achieving your health goals, our team looks forward to working with you!


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How do I implement the AMI 750 into my healthcare practice?

At Cyma Technologies we view each business model as unique. Through years of experience, we are able to advise our owners on how to incorporate the AMI 750 into the following areas of expertise:

  • Integrative Medicine
  • Chiropractic
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage Therapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • Health and Wellness

What Courses of Study are offered by Cyma Technologies?

We are proud to offer two courses of study in Cymatherapy™ which are certification programs that train participants in the expert use of the AMI 750. Developed by our company and exclusive to Cyma Technologies, we prepare students for exciting careers in the field of vibrational medicine.

Cymatherapy Trainings Offered:

In order to support new therapists and private owners, we have created training choices at every level:

For those not seeking a career, we offer various PRIVATE OWNER PROGRAMS to give in-depth information for a greater understanding of the device and the therapy it provides. Then it becomes easy to see how Cymatherapy™ can be beneficial to overall health and well-being. Owners can find these manuals in our Store as their specific needs or interests arise.


If you would like to know how to formulate your personalized plan for utilizing our many sound applications, please read our latest publication, “The SupraHuman Handbook” for sustaining health in the New World.

Is there more to the Art & Science of Sound?

Cyma Technologies has developed many applications for therapeutic sound which are complementary programs to be used with the AMI 750 or as adjuncts to it. See www.CymaTechnologies.com for a host of other books, videos and instructions for sustainable health.

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