Private Owner Programs

Private Owner Programs

We are inspired to provide our private owners with specialized instruction and information for a greater understanding of how to fully use the AMI 750 device and utilize the channels. We have developed “mini studies” that give additional techniques for in-depth use of the channels, beyond the basic knowledge that is offered in the manual.

Here are some of the offerings:

Private Owner Programs Representative ImageCymatherapy for Digestive Health—This manual helps identify the causes of digestive distress and provides directions/illustrations for utilizing the acupressure points for digestive health while using the AMI 750 device.

Sound Techniques for Stress Relief—This manual examines the many causes of stress and the disease patterns that emerge if it remains unchecked. Provides stress relief techniques to include acupressure points for use during the AMI session.

Building the Immune System Through Sound—This manual helps identify how to strengthen the immune system with specific protocols that utilize Channel Six, Boddy Balancing A, on the AMI 750 device.

In addition, we offer our private owners three free hours of consultation with an advanced level therapist, which can be utilized in thirty-minute sessions as-needed, when personal health questions arise.

Cyma Technologies is always developing further programming to enhance the user’s knowledge base. It is our promise to communicate all current and future courses and trainings to our private owner community.

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