More about Kate Holland
Artist, Choreographer, Performer

Kate Holland, Sound Education Director for Cyma Technologies, has practiced the science and healing art of Cymatherapy since 2006. She has written manuals and provided training for numerous Cyma practitioners, along with offering guidance to many at-home users in their quest for more vibrant health through the use of the AMI Acoustic Meridian Intelligence devices.

She has more than twenty years of dance experience as teacher, choreographer and performer, and believes that the healing arts create a vibrational medicine that can truly change the world. She maintains a vibrant Cymatherapy healing arts practice, providing the most up-to-date techniques in advanced sound technology coupled with ancient yoga practices and philosophy.

In public presentations, she weaves together decades of experience with both mystical and scientific sound healing methods and principles. Through her interactions with the audience, she introduces them to the profound healing aspects and power of sound.

As a presenter, Ms. Holland shares interactive events, engaging the audience in the movement taken from the Cyma Technologies film which she choreographed entitled, “dance divine.” With stunning heart centered imagery, gesture and meditative pauses, the audience becomes a part of what she calls, “the dance we do together.” The beauty of the sound-made-visible images, coupled with the potential of a healing experience, creates an unforgettable time to be shared by everyone.

Her work includes producing cymatic (sound-made-visible) video productions for Cyma Technologies, combining the performing arts and the healing imagery produced by the AMI 750 device.   See Kate’s highly acclaimed dance performance in Cymatics: The Art and Science of Making Sound Visible video, and more available in the Cyma Technologies Store.

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