CCP, Certified Cymatherapy™ Practitioner Level One

CCP, Certified Cymatherapy Practitioner Level One

The first step in the certification process is to complete the online application for acceptance into our programs. The non-refundable application fee is $25.

Apply here:

All students participating in the training programs must have (student or professional) liability Insurance. If you do not have a source for liability insurance, the ABMP organization offers a discount to Cymatherapy student and professional level therapists.

This course consists of four, self-paced modules which can be completed within a year. The training includes the history of Cymatherapy, current developments in the field, the use of the device and mentorship during the three required case studies to prepare the practitioner for providing Cymatherapy in various settings.

This study also includes other programs for maintaining health and well-being.
*The pre-requisite is a college level Human Anatomy and Physiology course. Our choice for an online course can be suggested, if needed.

Here is one approved course:

The $750 course tuition can be paid in full at the onset of training or divided into payments per module:
Module One $150
Module Two $150
Module Three $300
Module Four $150

Cymatherapy is a rewarding career in the field of vibrational medicine, or as a service to add to your existing healthcare and healing arts practice.

For more details and to register for our CCP, Certified Cymatherapy Practitioner Level One Certification online course, visit our training site:

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