AMI Facial Rejuvenation

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AMI Facial Rejuvenation

Cyma Technologies is proud to offer the AMI Facial Rejuvenation training program.
This certification is exclusive to our company, combining for the first time, the ancient art of facial reflexology with our proprietary codes generated through advanced sound technology with the AMI 750 device. Our therapists learn the facial massage techniques to effectively combine with the specialized program of frequencies for results that are phenomenally quick and natural. No harmful drugs nor surgeries are needed to attain a youthful appearance with this program.

AMI Facial Rejuvenation was developed not only as a natural beauty tool, but as an excellent health support system. Results are achieved by using the healing frequencies which resonate with the body’s organs and systems. While they are being applied through the feet, the therapist is activating the corresponding acupoints and zones on the face. This technique is guaranteed to produce happy clients in a new business or an increased revenue stream for your current healthcare practice.

If you are interested in working in a spa or wellness environment, the AMI Facial Rejuvenation Therapist certification is the one to pursue. The training consists of an onsite two-day course, followed by supported mentoring from an advanced therapist throughout the remainder of the program and the case studies.

The tuition for the full AMI Facial Rejuvenation Training is $500
*This includes the fees and materials of the onsite training and subsequent case studies.
*No pre-requisite studies or certifications are required.

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Cymatherapy and the Acoustic Meridian Intelligence programs will prepare you to join us in a new world of vibrational healing. These courses will help you to heal yourself, your family and many others. Sound therapists are needed to assist in many areas of healthcare and the wellness arena. We hope you will make the decision to begin your career of the future today.

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