Doctor MannersIn 2001, Mandara Cromwell met Dr. Peter Guy Manners, a British osteopath, and began the journey that led ‘Cymatic Therapy’ to the leading-edge developments of the present day.

Manners had worked since the late 1940’s with a collaborative group of scientists and medical doctors in researching the biosignatures of the human body. After decades of countless trial and error experiences, Manners and his group developed over 700 commutations to identify the precise combinations of frequencies associated with healthy tissue and organ systems.

Each commutation consists of five harmonic frequencies of audible sound that support the body in normalizing imbalances and synchronizing the cell’s frequency back to their natural healthy state of vibrational resonance.

While Manners and his colleagues were proceeding with their research, a Swiss medical doctor, Dr. Hans Jenny was conducting ‘cymatic’ (sound wave) experiments. Jenny coined the new term, “cymatics,” which comes from the Greek word—kyma, meaning ‘wave.’ Jenny’s experiments still fascinate audiences today. (see cymatic image on right). Due to his great respect for Dr. Jenny’s work, Manners named his sound therapy instruments “Cymatic Therapy” instruments.

Here’s a short video to show you some of the early research done by Dr. Hans Jenny

For decades, many traveled from around the world to experience Dr. Manners “Cymatic Therapy” at Bretforton Hall Clinic in the United Kingdom. During this fifty-year period, clinical research continued using sound, light and color therapy.

During a visit to the UK in 2002, Manners gave all his research to Cromwell and said, “I have taken this work as far as I can. Now it is your turn.”

In 2005 Dr. Manners closed his clinic and retired to the English countryside with his wife, Doreen. Dr. Manners passed to the realms of celestial sound on August 21, 2009.*

Cymatics instruments have had numerous evolutions over the decades, including: Mark I, Mark III, Mark V, Mark VI, Cyma1000 and CymaLumiere; each generation utilizing the latest available in technology to build on the success of previous models.
Cyma Technologies International continues this research and development to constantly improve Cymatic Therapy instruments. See Products

About Mandara Cromwell

Mandara Cromwell is the Founder and Board President  of ISTA (The International Sound Therapy Association), producer of Cymatics – The Science of Sound and Vibrational Healing Annual Conference, CEO and President of Cyma Technologies, Inc., and 2013 Nominee for the Thomas Edison Award for Innovation in the fields on Science and Medicine for the AMI 750.

Cromwell brought more than 40 years of research based on the work of Dr. Peter Guy Manners to the USA from England in 2001.  Since that time, she has created and manufactured innovative technology to support people in both better health and catastrophic illness.  Cyma Technologies manufactures advanced sound technology products and provides an educational curriculum for sound therapy careers in Cyma Therapy.

In 2005, Cromwell founded ISTA, a 501c (3), nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing the public’s awareness of the power of sound in our environment and its healing effects. ISTA promotes and provides education for therapeutic sound modalities.

In addition to educational and community outreach arms, ISTA maintains a medical research board for data collection proving the efficacy of sound therapies.  ISTA invites all sound therapy practitioners to submit case studies validating the efficacy of their sound modality.  The ISTA research database serves as a bridge to western medicine and gives medical professionals the confidence they need to refer their patients to qualified sound therapists.

Cromwell lectures on behalf of ISTA and Cyma Technologies throughout the world.   She was recently invited by the Indian Cultural Ministry to present the “Art of Sacred Sound” at the Sacred Arts Symposium in New Delhi, India.  For more information, review the links below:

www.CymaTechnologies.com            www.CymaHorse.com

www.CymaticsConference.com          www.ISTAsounds.org

*For more information regarding the life of Dr. Peter Guy Manners, see

Here is a Tribute to Dr. Peter Guy Manners from the 2007 Cymatics Conference.

Tribute to Dr. Peter Guy Manners, Cymatics Conference 2007 from CymaQueen on Vimeo.

the monthly aspectarianRare photo of Peter Guy Manners with Steven Halpern in the November 2007 “Monthly Aspectarian.”
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