Apply For AMI™ Purchase Authorization

Cyma Technologies International devices are sold only to licensed healthcare professionals and CCP’s (Certified Cymatherapy® Practitioners) directly, due to the level of knowledge and understanding of Cymatic Therapy required to operate them effectively.

Licensed Healthcare Practitioners are required to submit a copy of their current license at the time of purchase. You must be a licensed healthcare practitioner or have a licensable degree; for example, ND’s are not licensed in all States, but because they are in some, an ND degree is considered a licensable degree. Please contact us if you live in a state that does not require licensure for your profession; you may qualify for certification training.

If you are a non-licensed healthcare practitioner and you wish to incorporate Cyma Technology in your practice, you may complete the Cymatherapy® Practitioner Certification Program

Please fill out the form below completely to apply for AMI authorization.

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