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Cyma Technologies instruments—the AMI™ 750 and the AMI™ 1000

The latest in the Science of Sound and Vibrational technology!

  • Applied through the pathways of meridian therapy
  • Based on the audible frequency programs researched by British osteopath, Dr. Peter Guy Manners
  • Combined with today’s internationally patent-pending technology to deliver phenomenal and fast results!

Efficacy of AMI™ 750 application


legs before

After 20 minutes

legs after

ami 750 cymatic therapy device


The AMI™ 750 is a user-friendly device based on the effectiveness of acoustic sound traveling the energy pathways of the meridian system to relax and support the body’s balance. Sit in a comfortable chair and relax your feet on supportive gel pads while the body uptakes the sound frequencies through the feet. Each protocol is 30. Tell your licensed healthcare practitioner you would like to try the AMI™ 750 in their office, today! The AMI™ 750 is ideal to support your care at home between visits to your healthcare practitioner. The AMI™ 750 is sold to licensed healthcare professionals or private owners. The reason we limit the sale of Cyma Technologies products to healthcare professionals is because the understanding of Cymatic therapy requires a degree of knowledge and experience that healthcare professionals receive during their education and training. Licensed Healthcare Practitioners are required to submit a copy of their current licensure at time of purchase.

If you are not a licensed healthcare practitioner or CCP you may purchase the AMI™ 750 from a licensed healthcare practitioner or CCP from Cyma Technologies.

At $4595. USD you will find the AMI 750 is worth many times that price in health benefits.

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The latest Science of Sound and Vibrational technology—in the Practitioner’s Office!

The AMI™750 can easily be incorporated into your office. The AMI™750 is ideal to support patient care at home between visits to your office. The AMI™750 comes preprogrammed with ten protocols that benefit everyone.


  1. Stress ReliefFeet in AMI750
  2. Pain Relief-MuscoSkeletal
  3. Pain Relief-Inflammatory
  4. Vitality
  5. AntiAging
  6. Plus Five Body Balancing Protocols to support the body’s major systems

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Efficacy of the AMI™750:

In creating the next evolution of Cymatic instruments our goal was to match or exceed the Cyma1000 efficacy in the PVD study presented at the 2008 BEMS conference by Dr. Anthony Fleming. Great news! Thermographic imaging clearly indicates success in the legs and upper torso in just 20 minutes using the AMI 750™. These results were repeated numerous times. Click here to see research using thermographic imaging Successful results were also found using an electro-dermal screening assessment device. Please note: Cyma Technologies does not make any diagnosis or medical claims. The audible tones emitted by the AMI750™ relax and support the body. Cyma Technologies instruments are registered with the FDA as Class 1 devices. Known as electric, acoustic massagers, these products may relieve minor aches and pains. Training for the easy to program and easy to use AMI750 is available online, teleconferences and at on-site training seminars.

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The AMI™750 is ideal to support patient care at home between visits to their healthcare practitioner.

The AMI™1000

AMI 1000


The next evolution of the Cyma1000, the AMI™1000, is for professional use in the clinic. This product performs like the Cyma1000 with added upgrades.

This device requires advanced, in-office training.

In order to purchase instruments a Licensed Professional must send a copy of current license to Cyma Technologies. Certified Cymatherapy® Practitioners (CCP’s) must submit a copy of their liability insurance and comply with annual continuing education requirements.


The Cyma1000 was unveiled on January 8, 2005 in Atlanta, GA.

From 2005-2009 the Cyma1000 was sold throughout the USA and exported to European and ACyma1000picustralian markets. In today’s world, technology advances rapidly; the Cyma1000 technology has been surpassed in quality and effectiveness by the AMI series of Cymatherapy instruments, the AMI750 and the AMI1000.

Service for the Cyma1000 is no longer supported by Cyma Technologies as many of the parts are now obsolete.


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