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Beyond The Sun


New!   Sound-Made-Visible Video Selections From Cyma Technologies

Featuring  Sound-Made-Visible Chakra Resonance Images!

These two new, short videos celebrate the beauty of sacred images generated by AMI device chakra frequencies, combined with an eastern Indian musical score, to create an energetic experience of pure  beauty!  Both short videos are guaranteed to elevate viewers to a new perspective of the beauty of sound and light, as reflected in these sacred images.

Beyond The Sun is a combination of chakra sound images, energizing music, and contemporary dance, seamlessly woven together with the beauty and power of the performing arts! (dance and chakra image video)

Enjoy both videos with the new sound-made-visible

chakra images for $9.99!

Sacred Images From Beyond The Sun is a collection of the chakra images only, choreographed into specific sequences that represent the energy patterns depicted in the sacred studies of yoga. (Chakra image collection only)

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