Joyce Dillon

Health Seeker

We at Cyma Technologies are very excited to share the following article from Joyce Dillon. In it, she helps us understand some of the reasons we may experience illness, but also the ways we can potentially avoid it. In her life, she showed great determination in seeking answers to explain what was happening to her body. Joyce is the perfect example of how we are not destined to decline, as we have been taught to accept as part of aging. Instead, we can choose to live a vibrant life with purpose and work each day to bring healing to our bodies and our world. Bravo Joyce!!

Hi, my name is Joyce Dillon, RN, MN, BCC. I have been a nurse for 30 plus years, a board-certified life, health and wellness coach and teacher of transformational intuitive painting and collage. My recent focus has been on helping people with challenging life transitions—especially loss and grief. There are few programs in our society designed to help people with these important rites of passage. During recent years, this has become even more apparent.

My friends call me a “bridge” between traditional medicine and the world of alternative and holistic healing. I am interested in many kinds of practices and have been diligent in my studies of various techniques that can inspire the body to heal. I am a long-time fan of Cyma Technologies and their wonderful instrument called the AMI 750.

Let me be very clear. I believe the body can heal itself—but we have to get out of the way. Some of the obstacles we create are:

  • subjecting ourselves to high stress with no tools to offset it
  • placing ourselves in constant electromagnetic field disturbances and saying its ok in the name of forwarding technology
  • eating toxic food—sometimes unknowingly, sometimes not.

Despite all of this, the body can heal. However, the body will let us know when the burden becomes too much. This often manifests in the form of a disease process.

In recent years, my health history included chronic pain in my hips and legs. This diagnosis was supported by blood tests; and quite frankly, was very, very hard to hear. In addition, I had pain in my left knee, which the doctor reported as, “bone on bone.” Even more frightening, my right hand was showing signs of rheumatoid arthritis.

For the most part, I was and continue to be, an extremely healthy person, both physically and emotionally. Traditionally, the Osteoarthritis diagnosis is just accepted as a part of aging. Yet, when I heard the report, something in me just refused to accept it. What the diagnosis did do was send me on a search to find out what actually causes Osteoarthritis and what could be done to heal it.  All that was offered to me by my doctor were the options of drugs and pain medicine. As a proponent of natural and alternative medicine, I found it very disappointing that no other recommendations were made.

I knew that arthritis was, in part, an inflammatory process in the body–but, why did my body just suddenly decide to be inflamed? It didn’t just decide that. I believe it was responding to a very traumatic car accident I had years before. Somewhere, buried in my memories, was trauma that continued to affect me at a cellular level. Some people have a difficult time connecting the dots between what is stored in the emotional body and the physical manifestations that can occur. There is definitely a connection. I have since taken steps to heal this.

In addition, I was living in an apartment complex that had extremely high levels of electromagnetic toxicity. Current research suggests that one of the worst side effects of electromagnetic field exposure is high levels of inflammation in the body. I began to wonder if my environment was one of the causative factors of my pain. I also noticed that I had started to be extremely sensitive to any electrical energy around me. Then, I discovered that in my office closet there was an electrical box that I had not been aware of.

Upon reading the research of Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, on the symptoms that the body manifests when exposed to EMF toxicity, I became frightened. It wasn’t until I moved out of this apartment that I was able to realize all of the negative impacts of electromagnetic fields on my health.     I encourage everyone to investigate the health of your environment—particularly if you have unexplainable symptoms or illnesses that don’t heal.

I also began to examine my diet, what I was eating, and whether my body was really actually getting the right nutrition. I put together a protocol that I thought would help me fight the inflammation that is a causative factor in arthritis. I combined it with what I was already taking as a preventive protocol for strengthening my immune system and a protection from the Covid virus. It was no coincidence that I also had some mild digestive issues that have also proven to be related to inflammation in the body.

I began to see how all of these different causative factors could be creating a perfect storm in my body.

Fortunately, during this time of discovery, I learned about Cyma Technologies and the opportunity to be part of a study they were conducting using their AMI frequency device to alleviate pain. Interestingly, their pain protocol included a channel that was said to diminish or alleviate inflammation.

I engaged with them in their initial six-week study and then continued to use the device as per the suggestion of their therapist, as it was very helpful in lowering my pain level. It also helped me to restore my normal sleep patterns which are so important for the body’s healing process. As my symptoms started to decrease, I felt less anxious about my situation. I had finally found something I could do to change the course of the illness and offset my other stresses.

Almost a year later, I went back for my evaluation.

Here is the part of my story that I can’t wait to share with you. I believe that I have witnessed a personal miracle.

When I went back to the doctor, she gave me the following report.

“Your records indicate that at one point in time you had the markers for rheumatoid arthritis and Osteoarthritis. However, as of today, you appear to be in remission. Your new blood tests don’t show it and your x-rays don’t indicate any new deterioration.”

At first, I thought I heard her incorrectly and then I asked her to repeat what she had said.

“I have never heard of that,” I said to her. “Does that happen to other people?”

“Very rarely,” she said. “But once in a while.”

“What about my left knee? Is it still bone on bone?” I knew it had improved, but I still had some residual pain.

“No,” she said, “it’s not bone on bone. You do have some significant deterioration there, though.”

I wanted to believe that there was the beginning of some regeneration shown in this new x-ray. Either way, I left her office determined to continue with my healing plan.

It is the “once in a while miracle” that we need to investigate and have more of. I am speaking of the kind of miracle that may not happen overnight. This one manifested because I took the steps to find out the cause of the disease. I didn’t accept it as my destiny just because some people refer to me as an elderly woman. I went searching for what could alleviate or diminish the cause of inflammation, which I discovered could be accomplished non-invasively with the AMI 750. I will continue to use the device on a maintenance basis, which I feel certain is an important component in my ongoing quest for health.

Equally important, during my period of discovery and as an ongoing tool, I devote a specific time each day, with complete faith and trust, to envision my body well. I believe my future evaluations will show even more improvement as long as I remain diligent in caring for my body.

I am absolutely sure that every supplement I took, every sound session I did on the AMI 750 and every prayer and visualization I offered up, made this miracle happen. I strongly urge you to find out about Cymatherapy with the AMI devices. While it was only part of my recipe, I don’t believe that my miracle would have happened without it.

I wanted to share my story because I believe so strongly in the possibility of miracles for all of you.

Joyce Dillon August 2022

Cyma Technologies