AMI™ 750

ami 750 cymatic therapy deviceThe AMI™ 750is a user-friendly device based on the effectiveness of acoustic sound traveling the energy pathways of the meridian system to relax and support the body’s balance.

Sit in a comfortable chair and relax your feet on supportive gel pads while the body uptakes the sound frequencies through the feet. Each protocol is 30-45 minutes, and is designed by your licensed healthcare practitioner.

Tell your licensed healthcare practitioner you would like to try the AMI750 in their office, today! The AMI™ 750 is ideal to support your care at home between visits to your healthcare practitioner.

Efficacy of AMI™ 750 application


legs before

After 20 minutes

legs after

The AMI™ 750 is sold only to licensed healthcare professionals and CCP’s (Certified Cymatherapy® Practitioners). The reason we limit the sale of Cyma Technologies products to healthcare professionals is because the understanding of Cymatic therapy requires a degree of knowledge and experience that healthcare professionals receive during their education and training. Licensed Healthcare Practitioners are required to submit a copy of their current licensure at time of purchase. Please contact us if you live in a state that does not require licensure for your profession; you may qualify for certification training.

If you are not a licensed healthcare practitioner or CCP you may purchase the AMI™ 750 from a licensed healthcare practitioner or CCP. Contact us for more information.

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The latest Science of Sound and Vibrational technology—in the Practitioner’s Office!

The AMI™ 750 can easily be incorporated into your office.

The AMI™ 750 is ideal to support patient care at home between visits to your office.

The AMI™ 750 comes preprogrammed with three protocols that benefit everyone.

  1. Stress Relief
  2. Energy-Chakra Center Balance
  3. Vitality

Feet in AMI750

Specific Programming—selecting the best protocol for your patient:

The AMI website server is accessed by a secure login. Once you are logged onto the site, there are two options for downloading protocols.

  1. The practitioner may create a specific protocol (including time sets), from the existing 700+ commutations available.
  2. The practitioner may choose from a list of already created “Expert” protocols which will include preset time lengths for each code/commutation.

Next, select the number of plays for each protocol. If your patient is using the AMI™ 750 in your office, you may set the protocol for one session. Or if your patient will use the AMI™ 750 in the comfort of their home and is due for a follow-up visit to your office in three weeks, you can set the protocol for 21 sessions. Upon return for the follow-up visit, you may reassess and update the protocols for your patient.

The practitioner easily downloads the selected protocols onto a USB Flash Drive and transfers to the AMI™ 750.

The AMI™ 750 is powered on and your patient enjoys continuous application of the relaxing sound frequencies.

The AMI™ 750 is effective for your ‘long distance’ patients, as well. You may program the AMI™ 750 ‘at a distance’, so your patient can continue care until their next visit to your office.

Efficacy of the AMI™ 750:

In creating the next evolution of Cymatic instruments our goal was to match or exceed the Cyma1000 efficacy in the PVD study presented at the 2008 BEMS conference by Dr. Anthony Fleming. Great news! Thermographic imaging clearly indicates success in the legs and upper torso in just 20 minutes using the AMI™ 750. These results were repeated numerous times. View research using thermographic imaging.

Successful results were also found using an electro-dermal screening assessment device.

Please note: Cyma Technologies does not make any diagnosis or medical claims. The audible tones emitted by the AMI™ 750 relax and support the body. Cyma Technologies instruments are registered with the FDA as Class 1 devices. Known as electric, acoustic massagers, these products may relieve minor aches and pains.

Training for the easy to program and easy to use AMI™ 750 is available online, teleconferences and at on-site training seminars. Contact us for more information.

View the AMI750 brochure (pdf)

The AMI™ 750 is ideal to support patient care at home between visits to their healthcare practitioner.