AMI™ Facial Rejuvenation

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AMI Facial Rejuvenation with Sound




 Want to look AND feel like you just returned from a relaxing vacation?

  • Do horizontal “worry lines” accent your forehead?
  • Do you have a vertical “thinking line” crease between your eyebrows?
  • Do you look in the mirror and notice a disappearing jaw line?

This session is for YOU!  

Even the slightest stress can reflect on the face.  Extreme stress can result in severe jaw clenching, frowning and tightness in the facial musculature.

De-Stress with AMIFacial Rejuvenation! 

A therapist will relax the facial reflex zones while rejuvenating sound frequencies play at your feet. Based on Oriental meridian therapy, reflexology and using leading-edge technology– you will LOVE the results!

Benefits reported from participants:

  • deep relaxation
  • feeling more fit even without exercise,
  • the little things don’t bother me so much—able to handle stress,
  • increased energy levels—I feel like exercising!
  • less mental fog—I’m thinking faster
  • my digestion is better
  • improved sleep—no more anxiety at night
  • more calm in my everyday life, and
  • Others say I look 10 years younger!


Make an appointment with your local AMI Facial Rejuvenist—contact us here to find a therapist near you.  FIND A THERAPIST

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